10 Creative Ideas For Boosting Your Mood Right Now!

Are you feeling down or uninspired? Do you need something fresh to focus on? Here are 10 simple creative things you can do to boost your mood right now.

1: Visit an art gallery

Pick an off-peak time to go to an art gallery – ideally one off the beaten tourist track. Take time to soak up the peace and quiet and enjoy the art on display.

Who knows? You might leave feeling inspired to do a bit of drawing or painting.

2: Decorate your own gratitude journal

Gratitude journals are notebooks or diaries where you record small moments of happiness or joy each day.

Get arty by decorating a special notebook you can use for your gratitude journal or experiment with a bit of bullet journaling inside it.

Find out more about bullet journaling here.

3: Take yourself on a writing retreat

Creative writing can be an incredibly therapeutic way of keeping your mind healthy as it helps get your thoughts onto paper.

Whether you take yourself to an official retreat or create one in your own home, creative writing retreats are a way to escape and spend time with just your favourite notebook and pen.

You can check out our creative writing guide for beginners here.

4: Get out and take some photographs


Sometimes when you are feeling low it can be difficult to motivate yourself to get out of the house.

Give yourself an excuse to get outside by setting yourself a photography challenge. Photograph things that make you happy.

You don’t even have to use a swanky camera, your phone will do the job!

5: Read a book

If you are trying to get into a creative mindset, research suggests that you should read more! Whether it is your short stories, chick lit or one of the classics, it’s a great way of opening your imagination, relieving stress and boosting your mood.

6: Grown-up colouring books

Colouring-in has become popular with ‘grown-ups’ for a reason . . .  it is incredibly relaxing.

Take a look at our uni-ball guide to the best colouring books, here.

7: Make a photo album or scrapbook

Looking through a favourite photo album or scrapbook is a comforting way of boosting your mood.

So imagine just how good making one will make you feel!

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8: Spread some pebble love

We’re all about spreading some happiness with some pebble art!

You might choose to decorate and hide painted rocks to make someone smile or go out looking for some to make your own day a bit brighter.

Find out more about painting rocks here.

9: Go on an art trail

Want to get some benefits from sunshine at the same time as enjoying some fun painted animals.

Art trails don’t cost a penny and you can enjoy them on your own or with your friends and family.

See where your nearest art trail is by clicking here.

10: Pick something random to make from Pinterest!

If you are really struggling for mood-boosting inspiration you need to take a peek at Pinterest.

Why? Because Pinterest is packed full of creative writing prompts, pen art tutorials and brilliant craft ideas.

And don’t forget . . .

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