10 Ways To Posca Your Wedding!

Part of the fun of prepping for a wedding is bring individual touches to make your big day all the more special. Because they work on so many different surfaces, POSCA pens are ideal for personalising any event particularly a wedding. Here’s 10 ways you can make your DIY wedding day decorations super unique.

 1: In the frame


Grab your POSCAs and create a personalised chalk-board sign to welcome your guests. You can keep it simple in plain white, pinks or creams or go to town with our range of super bright colours- it’s up to you.


2: Gorgeous glassware


Transform plain glass votives and jam jars into delightfully decorated centrepieces. POSCA pens sit so nicely on glass and there’s no prep needed, simply work on them direct, then pop in the oven at 160 degrees for 45 mins then give it a spray with some varnish.

 Check out our glass painting tutorial here 

3: Add some sparkle


Give your bridesmaids a special gift and personalise white trainers or a vest with our sparky POSCAs for a cool keepsake.

See how they work here 

4: Hang on


Make every aspect of your special day perfectly personalised by decorating your wedding outfit hangers with black POSCA.


5: Make your own name places


Play with a pebble to create unique name places. If you want something more traditional, POSCAs work on card and paper too so you can use your pens to create handwritten name place cards.

See our tutorial here 

6: Lovely letters


Decorate wooden letters with POSCAs with a gorgeous gold design – you can go large or small, either way they’ll look adorable. 

Check out how we did it here 


7: Rustic pleasures

 A rustic, home-grown look is so hot right now with weddings so get on the latest wedding trends and get to work with your POSCAs. Use your paint makers to decorate terracotta plant pots to create a rustic centrepiece and to give away as favours.

8: Savour your sweet station

 Use your POSCAS on glass jars and tags to personalise your wedding sweet station with your own motifs and initials.

 9:  Decorate an album



Don’t forget the ultimate wedding keepsake – the guest book! Make sure it’s made double special by giving it it’s very own look.

 Take a look at our wedding guest book ideas here 

 10: Say thank you in style


Don’t forget to extend your DIY ethic to your thank you cards post event. We love this simple hand-script design.

 See how we did it here 


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