5 creative half term ideas you just have to try!

5 creative half term ideas you just have to try!

Autumn Crafts Half Term Ideas

Are you looking for ways to keep your kids entertained over October half term? Keep reading for five creative ideas that will stop them (and you) going stir-crazy. Including top craft tips from a school teacher.

1) Autumn journal

Kick off your kids half term creative activities by encouraging them to make an Autumn Journal of everything they get up to in their week off.

They can pack their journal full of everything that reminds them of autumn, leaves, twigs, autumnal colour swatches and photos of woodland adventures.

Posca's Autumn Journal

Adults, you can get involved with this one too. Use your uni-ball POSCA markers to add comments and important autumn dates in your child’s half term journal.

They will have something really lovely to show their classmates when they go back to school.

2) Leaf jars

DIY Candles Leaf Jars Autumn Crafts

Get together all the empty jars you have hanging around the house and put them to good use by decorating them with beautiful leaves.

Use Mod Podge or PVA glue to secure the most colourful leaves to the outside of the jars. Once you have checked they are dry you can pop a tea light inside.

3) Autumn garlands

Autumnal garland wreath craft

On Twitter teacher @zoedidthat gave us the traditional idea of making garlands.

She tweeted: “Yesterday we made autumn garlands by taping small straw pieces in the back of leaves and putting string through the straw.”

Zoe’s other creative half term ideas for kids are: making leaf pictures, doing some leaf printing or leaf colour matching, which you can read about here.

4) Make a Stickman

Stickman Julia Donaldson Craft

If your family hasn’t read the Julia Donaldson classic book Stickman yet, October half term is the perfect time to do it!

Once your kids have read stickman a few times we bet they will want to make a stick family of their very own.

Click here to find out how they can!

5) Potato printing

potato printing autumn craft half term

Potato printing might be an easy craft but it doesn’t stop it from being lots of fun.

  • Potatoes
  • Paints
  • POSCA markers -for drawing the shape you are going cut out
  • Paintbrush
  • Card
  • Sharp knife – for adult use only!
  • Check out how you can make your very own potato stamps here.

Mums and dads will find lots of other craft ideas perfect for October half term here, on the uni-ball blog.


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