Five Homemade Halloween Party Craft Ideas!

Five Homemade Halloween Party Craft Ideas!


It’s time to start planning your ultimate Halloween party! We’ve come up with five spooky craft ideas you can use to make your party extra special.

1) Spooky party invites

Halloween is under a month away which means you need to be sending out your handmade invitations right about now!  Check out two fun ideas for “spooktacular” DIY Halloween party invites below.

If it’s a children’s Halloween party you are planning this Monster Bash Invite is really easy to make.

All you really need is a selection of coloured card and some googly eyes. You can add your text using some text using colourful POSCA pens.

For full instructions click here to visit the Parents website.

For the grown-ups create these bat invitations using black card and a white uni-ball chalk marker.

2) Halloween chalk art

Whilst you’ve got your chalk markers out, why not create some Halloween inspired chalk art to impress your guests?

Take a look at some of our favourite Halloween chalk art ideas below or visit Pinterest for even more inspiration.

3) Ghost bunting and necklaces

This cute ghost bunting is something that your children can help you with. It is a really quick craft you can make just minutes before your Halloween party starts.

If you are hosting a kids party you can even use the same idea to make necklaces for all your little guests. Find out more here.

4) Decorate Halloween cups

Take a look at this YouTube video, for an easy way to decorate Halloween party cups. Pop to the shops and get your hands on some orange cups if you want to create pumpkins or some white cups for ghosts.

POSCAs will work perfectly on plastic, just make sure you give them time to dry.

5) How to make cobwebs

Have you always been impressed by awesome cobwebs you’ve seen at Halloween parties?  Well, the good news is there are lots of different ways to make them using items you may well already have around the home, including paper!  This super quick tutorial will show you exactly how to make cobwebs out of paper.

If you are looking for EVEN more ideas for using POSCA pens this Halloween, click here.


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