Fun Ways To Get Involved With Sculpture Art Trails

We hope you are enjoying our EXCLUSIVE series of blog posts about sculpture art trails. Now we are going to show you some fun ways that YOU can get involved with them!

Read on for a quick interview with a very special artist, and find out how sculpture art trails can bring the art community together to raise money for charity . . .

Meet the artist

Rebecca Osborne

Describing herself as an ‘unstoppable creative’ Rebecca Osborne is an artist, illustrator and art teacher from Norfolk.

Rebecca took a few minutes out of her very busy schedule to have a chat with us about sculpture art trails.

GoGoGorillas – photograph from @clare_quinn on instagram

Rebecca told us: “I have been following the sculpture trails since GoGoGorillas in 2013, when my daughter’s class created a gorilla with her school.”

Why are sculpture trails so great?

Rebecca says: “The sculpture trails are a fantastic way to raise awareness of charities. The trails provide brilliant days out for families and also the auction of the work is a really successful way to fundraise for charity.”

She added: “The creation of the sculptures is also a great way for artists to showcase their work in a public place and network with other creative people in their region.”

How are you involved?


Rebecca told us: “This year, the Break charity ( ) and the Eastern Daily Press newspaper (, asked if I would produce 10 limited edition painted stones to use in a treasure hunt to compliment this year’s sculpture trail in Norwich – GoGoHares.”

Photo originally published on the Norwich Evening News Website – Picture Nick Butcher

Rebecca continues: “I was provided with images of the hares and created the stones using my favourite POSCA markers. The first lucky people to find the stones will win £100 worth of GoGoHares sticker books and stickers.

“It has been such an honour to continue to support this amazing charity and help promote the fabulous GoGo artists.”


Now, how can YOU get involved?

Paint some stones of your own

Find the nearest animal sculpture art trail to you by visiting the ‘Wild in Art’ website.

Then just like Rebecca has, get designing stones to accompany your local animal sculptures, using POSCA markers!

Sticker books, maps and apps

The majority of animal sculpture trails have sticker books, maps and apps to accompany them.

You and your family can use these as a fun and simple way of keeping track of what animal sculptures you’ve seen. Many help to raise money for charity too!

Photography and sketching

Has reading this blog post got you feeling creative? Then why not head out on an art sculpture trail with your camera or sketchbook . . .

If you take any awesome photographs or draw any impressive pen art sketches be sure to post them on Instagram and don’t forget to tag us – @uniball_uk


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