7 Rainbow Bright Ways to Embrace Your Inner Unicorn

Unicorn arts and crafts: Embrace your inner unicorn

Brighten a grey day with rainbow brights and bring some magic into your home by embracing your inner unicorn with some super simple unicorn arts and crafts and some fabulous unicorn buys! Our Posca paint maker pens come in 40 fabulous colours so you can create an array of bold and colourful creations. Here’s some inspiration to get you started…



1 Brighten a Box : Colourful Unicorn Decoration!

Unicorn arts and crafts: Unicorn decorated colourful box

Use your 5m Posca starter pack in bright rainbow shades to brighten up a plain wooden box with some fab unicorn arts and crafts! We’ve used easy star shapes to frame our funky star motif. Download your star and unicorn template here  to trace and transfer your design.


2 Hook Me Up: Cute Rainbow Coat Hooks!

Unicorn arts and crafts: Rainbow hook

See a rainbow every day with these handy little hooks that are great for a kid’s bedroom. See this and more fab kiddie buys at Becky and Lola 


3 Delightful Decoration : Rainbow Paper Fan!

Unicorn arts and crafts: Rainbow paper fan

Add a vibrant note to walls and ceilings by adorning them with this fabulous paper fan. These rainbow discs are the ideal choice for those who love to add a little colour in their lives! Get them from Candle and Cake.  


4 Pretty Up A Bag: Unicorn Designs with POSCA

Unicorn arts and crafts: Gift bag decorated with a unicorn

Bring the rainbow to your parties and pretty up a paper bag with your 5m Posca starter pack.

 Buy your Starter Pack here


5 Get Cosy with a Unicorn Pillow

Unicorn arts and crafts: Unicorn cushions and pillows

Embrace the rainbow even when you are on the go. This unicorn zip and flip pillow gives you colourful comfort on your travels and a lovely character to cuddle! Take a  closer look here 


6 Fly My Pretty : Wooden Unicorn Mobile

Unicorn arts and crafts: Wooden unicorn mobile

We love this wooden unicorn mobile from Etsy . And, seeing as Posca markers work on wood you can give this little wonderful home decoration a personal touch with your pens and a little creativity! Get the full range of Posca colours here


7 Store in Style: Unicorn Pencil Holder

unicorn arts and crafts: unicorn pencil holder

This unicorn pencil holder is perfect for us stationery addicts! We think this little fella would look even better if it had some Posca pens as the horn!

Check out this stylish storer here


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Nowadays, all audiences express themselves through the use of colour in leisure and creative activities.

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