7 Reasons Why You Should Visit an Art Gallery!

A trip to an art gallery or exhibition makes a sensible choice for an inspirational family day out or even a date! Check out our seven reasons why you should visit an art gallery and let us know if you agree.

Artist Laura Beardsell-Moore, who has just opened art exhibition ‘When Nature Nurtures’ alongside two other artists, shared her top seven reasons for visiting an art gallery . . .

1) To take a break from daily life

Visiting an art gallery or exhibition is a way of taking time out from your busy life and becoming more mindful.

Laura says: “Studies have shown that looking at art can reduce cortisol – the stress hormone.”

2) To ‘get in touch’ with your emotions

Laura believes visiting an art gallery can help develop your “emotional intelligence”.

She told us: “When you take time to look at how someone else has interpreted a subject it can help you to develop empathy and openness.

“It can also help you define your own point of view, whilst understanding how others see things from another perspective.”

Examples of the art on show at the ‘When nature nurtures’ exhibition

3) Art galleries will inspire you!

Laura asks: “Why not visit a gallery to find inspiration for your own projects?”

She continues; “It’s always interesting to note how other artists have approached a subject or the types of brush marks they have used. You might discover an interesting technique you haven’t tried before.”

4) The kids will love it

Laura says: “Taking your children to look around an art gallery is a great way to talk to them about colours, textures and different images of animals, landscapes and abstract shapes.

“Children are some of the best people to take to an art gallery because they don’t have any preconceptions about what art should or shouldn’t be – they just ask questions.”

5) You are guaranteed to see something that is truly unique

If you want to find something truly special for your home or work, your local art gallery is a great place to buy something unique and different from what you can find in high street shops.

6) You will be supporting a local business

Laura says visiting an art gallery is a way of supporting several small businesses, from the independent gallery itself, through to the artists that are represented inside.

She says: “Don’t worry if you can’t afford a piece of original art right now, buying just a card from a gallery can help to support all the small businesses involved.

“If everyone you enjoyed the art in a gallery bought just a card – many more small galleries would be able to stay open!”

7) Visiting an art gallery is free!

If you are bit cash strapped but still want to be a culture vulture remember admission to an art gallery is totally free! Woohoo!

Thanks to Laura Beardsell-Moore for sharing her suggestions with us to find out more about her please visit here website here.


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