Great party ideas!

When you are a kid, parties are a big deal and there is a lot of pressure on parents to get them right. If your child is the artistic type, we’re sure they’ll love our five creative party activity ideas!

We’ve come up with party ideas that will suit a variety of ages and budgets and create lasting memories

1)Party crowns and face painting

Party crown idea from the Kidz Craft website

No party is complete without a good crown! Making crowns is a great way to kick off a creative kids’ party. It is an activity that you can set up for when you are waiting for all the guests to arrive.

There are some great ideas for party crowns right here, on the Kidz Craft website.

If you’re a mum or dad that fancies yourself as a bit of an artist you can try out your skills with a spot of face painting.


2)Pottery Painting

Many cafes and studios offer pottery painting parties for kids, but there is nothing from stopping you from hosting your own.

Keep it simple by painting flower pots or buy a paint-your-own tea set like this one available here, on the Amazon website.

You can easily split the tea set up so that each child has a couple of pieces to paint. When they’ve finished painting, make sure you label and date each child’s masterpiece using a uniball POSCA marker.

POSCAs write perfectly on ceramics, and by labelling the children’s artwork you will save any confusion when it is time for everyone to go home.

Top tip: Make sure you varnish the ceramics or encourage the children to do it when they get home.

3)Making friendship bracelets

Making friendship bracelets is a great craft activity for older children at birthday parties and will definitely keep them out of mischief for a bit.

Check out this Wiki How guide to making friendship bracelets ranging from easy to advanced difficulty levels.

4)Decorate party biscuits

Art can be edible too! Decorating biscuits is a fun activity for all ages. Even if you are hosting a birthday party for toddlers, they will love getting stuck in with the icing and edible decorations.

Top tip: Many supermarkets now sell readymade biscuit decorating kits like this which will make this activity even easier to organise!


5)Rock painting

Rock painting is hugely popular right now and kids love getting involved and having something to show at the end of it. Our Posca pens are ideal for this and offer multiple sized nibs and colours to get creative with.

Top tip: Ask the birthday boy or girl to set a theme for the exercise and then let imaginations do the rest!


 We’re sure all you savvy mums and Dads have loads of ideas to add to our list. Share them underneath this blog post on the uni-ball Facebook page 


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