A Day in the Life of a Writing Retreat

Are you always busy? Do you write for work but not pleasure? Ever wondered what a day at a writing retreat is actually like?

Recently we headed off on a day-long writing retreat, ready to immerse ourselves in the world of creative writing. Here’s what we learnt . . .

What do you need for a writing retreat?

Before you head off on your creative writing retreat, we suggest that you do a bit of reading.

This is a lovely excuse to dig out your favourite book and read a few pages. Or maybe check out some short stories. It’s time to get inspired.

Go on your writing retreat with an open mind, be prepared to get in-touch with your emotions and switch off your phone!

TOP TIP: Remember laptops are not allowed. According to the experts the best creative writing is done using a notebook and pen.

Meeting the other writers

When we arrived at our retreat we were introduced to all the other writers and spoke about what we do in our everyday lives.

Sara Green, told us how she felt when she arrived, she said: “I had never been on a writer’s retreat before.

“I write every day for work – web content and press releases. But I arrived surprisingly shy about writing anything, let alone sharing it.”

What do you learn about on a writing retreat?

We learnt the ingredients of making a good story and how we could grab the reader from the start.

Did you know?

Some retreats specialise on a certain area of creative writing. This could be, character, description or even editing.

What is a creative walk?

One of the highlights of the writing retreat was the creative walk that we went on. We were asked to observe sights, smells and sounds.

We were also asked to take any photographs of anything particularly interesting or emotive that we saw on our walk.

You can see some of the things that we spotted on our creative walk below . . .

What happens at the end of a creative writing retreat?

Sara told us: “I have always wanted to write something a little more creative. They say that everyone has a book in them and it would be wonderful to think I do too.

“The way our tutor Sarah-Jane inspired us all was mesmerising, she really drew us all out.”

Sara added: “By the end of the day the writing was flowing and I couldn’t wait to ask her for an opinion of my work. I did not expect that!”

To finish off our writing retreat we were all set a creative challenge – just to check we knew how to put our new skills to good use.

Have you ever been on a writing retreat?

Have you been on a writing retreat? Was your experience the same as ours? Do you now enjoy writing in a completely different way?

If you haven’t, we hope you get to give one a try soon . . .


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