Autumn Art inspiration

Autumn Art inspiration

Autumn is officially here, it’s time to jump in some crunchy leaves and immerse yourself in all the Autumn creative inspiration it has to offer. We’ve had an exclusive chat with an incredible artist who can’t wait to give you some seasonal art ideas.

Meet the Autumn artist

Bon Collins, known as ‘The Distressed Artist’ is passionate about mental health and how creativity can support it. She is based in Suffolk and works in acrylic on canvas.

Keep reading for some awesome autumn art inspiration from The Distressed Artist . . .

Autumn colours

Photograph supplied by the Distressed Artist

What colours make you think of Autumn?

Bon told us: “My favourite colour is teal. Now you would think this isn’t particularly autumnal but I manage to find a way that it is. I have a shrub in my garden that has the most beautiful magenta berries which are surrounded by teal leaves.”

Bon continued: “The sky also produces the most amazing blues and teals as the nights draw in.

“Add them into a backdrop of reds and yellows and you have the most amazing colours going. The way leaves change colour is just so inspiring.”

Autumn arts and crafts

“Whether you celebrate Halloween as a family or not, decorating pumpkins or gourds can be a fantastic activity,” says Bon.

She continues: “Don’t just think carving – spray painting, beading and all sorts of different crafts can be attempted on these versatile vegetables!”

Bon thinks everyone should get together with their friends to do some autumn arts and crafts.

“Spend an evening chatting and being creative. Leaves are a good autumn find. There are so many different colours to be found and you can make some pretty amazing collages with them.”

Autumn Animal Painting

Bon says that lots of her own autumn inspiration come from the Brambly Hedge books written and illustrated by Jill Barklem.

“Although Jill Barklem’s stories are about mice, those hedgerows were bound to be full of lots of other animals!

“At the moment I am enjoying painting some rabbits. I also love to paint birds in the autumn, there are so many colours in them too.

“We are lucky enough to have a garden that a lot of birds visit and so I am spoiled for choice.”

Thank you to Bon Collins, The Distressed Artist, for contributing to this blog post. Find out more about her, here.

Photograph supplied by the Distressed Artist

What animals have you been drawing or painting this autumn? Please share photos of all your autumn artwork and crafts on our uni-ball Facebook page.



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