Watercolour and ink feathers art work step by step

Do you know that you can use uni-PIN fineliners over watercolour? In this handy step by step, artist and illustrator Ella Johnston talks you though how to create a stunning feather-themed art piece using watercolour paints and uni-Pin fine line pigment ink markers. This illustration project really makes the most of the PIN’s variation in nib size, allowing you to create beautiful lines and details.


uni-PIN feather art

 Step 1

Draw a very simple outline of your feather in a light, hard pencil as a guide.  To create a solid sketch, centre your subject by drawing the rachis (the central line of the feather) first then the bottom hollow shaft. This will provide a good anchor to structure your sketch.  Working out from your anchor point, give your feather a simple shape by drawing the outline of the vane.


Feather drawing Uni Pin Ella Johnston

Step 2

Apply a first wash of very light watercolour in your  chosen colours, remember it’s best to build up layers of watercolour rather that be heavy handed with thick paint.

 uni-PIN feather drawing

Step 3

Keep building your watercolour wash layers. Use smaller brush sizes to add fine details such as specks of colour, feather edges and wispy downy areas. Leave to dry.

 step by step drawing Feather drawing Uni Pin Ella Johnston

Step 4

Once happy with the watercolour you can start using your uni-PIN pigment ink fine line pens. Use the smaller nibs to make fine lines and cover darker areas by building strokes of the medium nibs.


uni-PIN drawing, Feather drawing Uni Pin Ella Johnston

Step 5

Finish your black pigment pen detailing by filling in the darkest areas and details (such as the rachis) by stippling with the largest pigment pen nibs.


uni-PIN art Ella Johnston

Step 6

You can add a further flourish by adding highlights with a white pigment ink pen.



You can see Ella create another feather drawing using the grey uni-PIN by following the drawing video tutorial here..