4 Easy Easter handmade craft ideas

The Easter bank holiday is approaching and we’ve got four easy Easter handmade craft ideas you can try with uni-ball pens to keep the family occupied this long weekend.

1: Update ceramic containers

Decorate ceramic birds with POSCA pens

Present Easter eggs in ceramic birds designed with POSCA pens

POSCA pens work beautifully on ceramic so why don’t you decorate some ceramic containers with bright and simple designs using your POSCAs. We’ve painted this pair of birds with a combination of POSCA shades and further embellishing with simple heart shapes and dots with our pens. What colours will you choose?

2: Make personalised gifts

Design a spring-themed journal for a friend

Why not use your SIGNO pens and plain notebooks to create some pretty personalised gifts? This is a great project for perfecting your hand-lettering. We’ve used a lovely spring wreath motif in pretty seasonal colours for this update. Check out how we did it below…

3: Whip up some greetings

Make easy Easter greetings

You can also use your SIGNO pens to enjoy a range of card-making projects. This handmade Easter greeting is very easy to recreate. In fact, we talk you through how to make a spring floral wreath in this how-to.

4: Decorate gift boxes

Design a pretty Easter gift box

Mini Easter eggs are a real treat and you can make them even more special (and regulate the amount you give), by presenting them in a little gift box. We painted a plain cardboard gift box with white 8K POSCA then draw pretty spring flowers with our fine and delicate 1M POSCAs. These boxes can be kept and reused over many Easters to come – making them a treasured family tradition.