Our favourite PIN drawing videos

Explore tried and tested art techniques with uni PIN pens
We love drawing videos at uni-ball. It’s a great way to learn new drawing techniques, find out about all the key features of uni pens and get some art ideas all from the comfort of your chair!

So, as much as we love watching drawing videos, we love making them too! We’ve recently put up a collection of long-form and mini art films dedicated to all things PIN. We got artist, and uni-ball ambassador Ella Johnston to talk through the pens and show off some of the amazing things you can do with them!

Make amazing art with PIN pens

Sketch a landscape with uni-PIN pens (drawing by Ella Johnston)

Making artwork is a joy with uni-PIN pens. Uni-PIN pens put more creativity in your hands. You have a choice of 11 calibrated tip sizes (from 0.03 to a brush tip) in the black PIN range plus it has pens available in sepia and shades of grey. So you can benefit from a range of exciting creative possibilities.

These pigment ink pens also boast Super Ink Technology, which keeps colour solid and vibrant. This means work won’t fade or bleed through paper and works brilliantly over watercolour.

Your guide to PIN sizes

uni-PIN fine art fine liner pens come in three great colours. The excellent choice of fine art colours (black, sepia and grey)  are extremely effective when used over watercolour. In this comprehensive drawing video you are guided through the uni-PIN fine line colours by showing how they work on one of the Ella Johnston’s watercolour bird illustrations. Grab a cuppa, put your feet up and enjoy it > here.

Your guide to PIN sizes

PIN pen nib sizes

The Uni-PIN’s wide variety of nib sizes gives you the ability to create a variety of expressive tonal effects, which is great when drawing animals and botanicals. We’ve made two drawing videos on this subject, one of which was a very detailed, thorough film going through all the various sizes illustrating the line-widths, colour coverage and finish as various pressures are applied. Check it out > here

Work your PIN over watercolour

We love using our uni-PIN fine line pens over watercolour. In one of her many useful PIN drawing videos, artist and illustrator Ella Johnston talks you though how to create a stunning feather-themed art piece using watercolour paints and uni-Pin fine line pigment ink markers. Have a look below…

Create tone and texture

Draw a wren drawing video on youtube
Drawing videos are marvellous ways to help you when learning new skills and drawing techniques and this is a great example of that. This film may help you improve your drawing, and create tone and expressive texture with the new uni-ball Sepia PIN. Here artist Ella Johnston shows you how artistic techniques such as shading, cross-hatching and stippling with the fine-liner pen can produce exquisite results in this wren bird illustration. The uni-ball PIN’s sepia shade has a rich, earthy hue that works really well for landscapes and wildlife studies. Watch it below…

Play with grey tones

The new uni-PIN grey pens are simply stunning. In this video you can see how the delicate new Uni-PIN grey fine-line pen produces beautiful drawing effects in this easy illustration how to. Here artist Ella Johnston shows you how to draw a simple, but elegant fine feather with uni-ball’s new grey PIN fine line pigment ink pens. The subtle light grey pens are perfect for delicate sketch work, lay-outs and shading. The charcoal-like hues of the dark grey models will expand your drawing repertoire, allowing you to create atmospheric, evocative artworks. Both grey shades are also great for adding depth and texture to hand-lettering. Take a closer look > here.

Practice graphic line effects

You can create a fantastic range of line effects with uni-PIN fine line pens. The variation in nib sizes gives you so many options for mark-making to help you with your illustration projects – whatever your style.

In this ornate black and white insect illustration, we show you how simple lines and dots can be employed for decorative drawings. See how combining fine and heavy lines can look so effective in this easy illustration film below…