Draw simple florals with POSCA pens

Draw simple florals with POSCA pens

Spring is coming and don’t you just love start of those lovely blooms popping out in your parks and gardens. Why not try and capture them and learn to draw simple florals with POSCA pens?

We run though an easy line drawing step by step to show you that  lovely flower-themed drawings are easy to achieve when you know how. We are going to run you through how to draw simple florals by explaining how we drew these flowers our ‘be lucky card’

Draw simple florals 1, Cow parsley

Make a curved line. At the top of the line, draw an upside-down semi circle. Add lines inside the semi-circle. Use your pen to add dots across these lines as shown.

Flower-themed drawings 2, Pretty peonies

For the flowers, first draw a circle. Add curves to the sides of your circle, then colour in. For further depth, make some simple ‘filler’ shapes at the top of the flower. For the stems, make a dot under your peony shape and make a line. Draw long leaf shapes at the base of the line and wrap more leaves around the stem.

Draw simple florals 3, Stems and leaves

Draw a curved line. Use this line as a central point to draw out more curved lines, then add further strokes out from them. Add leaf shapes at the end of those lines as shown.

Draw simple florals with POSCA pens

Flower-themed drawings 4, Pretty roses

To make the art deco rose pebble design, use your POSCAs to draw little dashes to create a centre. Add larger marks around the central lines. Then layer of strokes around the shape until you happy with the motif.

Draw simple florals 3, Lovely lavender

You have two options hear, you can cluster a little triangle of dots as seen above or draw a curve of ever decreasing heart-shapes as seen clearly below. Then extend by adding delicate dots onto your little hearts.

Branch out, be adventurous!

Draw florals with POSCA

Once you’ve masted these motifs, you can use them to whup up all kinds of designs, like this bold greeting card above.

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