Take a look at the NEW uni-PIN nib sizes

Your creative mark-making just got a whole better with NEW uni-PIN nib sizes. So you get more brush tip colours and an expanded range of PIN pen nib sizes.

New PIN sizes now available

More black nibs

Make robust lines, add character to your journaling, perfect your hand-lettering and expand your drawing repertoire with new innovations from the uni-ball PIN pen range. The increased range of PIN nib sizes and the new PIN brush colours will give creative hands more scope for artistic expression and professional looking graphic design drawings.

New PIN sizes now available

The black PIN range has expanded from 11 to 14 calibrated tip sizes (from delicate 0.03 to robust 1.2 nib and expressive brush tip) allowing for a whole range of exciting creative possibilities. The three new thicker nib sizes come in 0.9, 1 and 1.2mm produce a range of solid, firm, sturdy black lines. The excellent crisp edge these larger nibs create make the pens a fantastic choice for making bold outlines and providing smooth colour coverage. 

Beautiful new brush colours

Illustrators, journal fans and artists will love the new PIN brush colours of Light and Dark Grey and Sepia. Inspired by artist’s sketch books, these tones are ideal for so many projects.

New uni-PIN nib sizes and brush colours

The rich sepia shade has a deep, earthy hue that works really well for soft shapes, landscapes and wildlife illustrations. The charcoal-like hues of the dark grey allow you to create subtle hand-lettering and gentle decorative doodles. The cool light grey pens are perfect for light expressive accents and faint shading. PIN’s brush tip is firm, so it adapts to your pressure, angle or speed of writing. This firmness gives you excellent control, giving you the power to truly master brush script and expressive brush pen painting techniques. 

For doodlers and dreamers

The Uni-PIN pen is a favourite drawing tool of artists, architects, illustrators and designers. It’s a great pen for doodlers and dreamers too! The pens’ wide variety of nib sizes, allowing for a range of line widths and intensities.

New uni-PIN nib sizes

The excellent choice of nib sizes also gives creative hands a choice of professional finishes and the tools to create expressive tonal effects. These pigment ink pens boast Super Ink Technology, which keeps colour solid and vibrant, so work won’t fade or bleed through paper. 

Top quality pens

Quality in both the product and the end results the pens produce is key.

New uni-PIN nib sizes

The PIN’s robust structure gives it excellent wear resistance. The tip of other fine liners is conical, meaning only the top of tip is round so these pens can easily wear down. The PIN’s top is round (and the nibs are longer than other graphic pens too) so varying pressure can be applied and they can work at an angle; not only does this provide more decorative freedom but pens should last longer too.