Four fab card design ideas with uni-ball pens

Hand-designed greetings is a great way to start getting creative. So if you’re looking to begin crafting or drawing, designing your own cards is an ideal way to begin. And you don’t have to make a massive investment to get going, all you need is some plain cards and a selection of uni-ball pens.  We have four fab card designs with uni-ball pens that you can try today. 


1: Try hand-lettering with PIN 

Hand-lettering card with uni-PIN pens

Instead of writing your message inside the card, put it on the outside! PIN pens are the ideal tool for practicing hand-lettering. 

We adore simple mono hand-script for a card design. It just looks really contemporary and cool. So give it a try yourself with the extensive range of PIN nib sizes. 

It comes in a range of 14 different nib sizes for a range of line effects. Whether you choose a delicate fine nib or robust thinking tip, its solid, black pigment ink line is clear, clean and precise. This is why the PIN is loved by professional artists and illustrators, graphic artists, architects and amateur hobbyists alike. Ink is water resistant too so the pens be used with watercolour as the ink will not smudge when wet. 

2: Be lucky with POSCA 

Draw simple florals with POSCA pens

We’ve used pretty shades of blue POSCA 1M pen for this card design. We’ve teamed our basic cursive script message with some expressive, line drawn spring florals. To recreate these flower motifs on the greeting yourself, visit our floral tutorial here 

3: Make blossom motifs with SIGNO

This blossom motif is so easy to draw yet looks so effective. Just grab a green SIGNO gel pen and draw interconnecting lines and then little dashes along them for leaves. Then take a contrasting SIGNO to make dots around the branches and leaves. Embellish further with some simple hearts.

SIGNO gel pens look great on paper and card. They look particularly good on dark paper so we’ve worked this design over a black greeting card blank, a plain gift box and black card for a co-ordinated gift set. 

4: Embrace your inner unicorn with EMOTT

Will the unicorn ever go out of style? We don’t think so! Emott pens work great  on paper, so they make really cool cards. We’ve use our five-piece Candy Pop set for our unicorn creation. The pack features five dreamy colours; Light violet, Coral pink, Light blue, Light pink, Emerald green and look vivid and vibrant on white card. 

EMOTT pens are a brilliant stationery buy. The look beautiful encased in a sleek white barrel. They are reliable too. They write in fine line that is clear and true in colour so they are perfect for drawing and writing as you can see here . Its robust tip doesn’t bend or split giving you a consistent line-width at any angle. Its vivid colour coverage and clear line, plus water resistant, non-bleed and fade-proof ink means work created with the EMOTT looks crisp and will last an age – just the thing for when you want to make lovely keepsakecards.