Mother’s day projects to try with the kids

Mothering Sunday is approaching. First and foremost while it’s a day when mums, and those that take on that role, should get pampered, it’s also a good theme for a crafty activity with the little ones. We have five fun Mother’s day projects to try with the kids to keep little hand occupied and to create truly treasured keepsakes.

Mother’s day projects 1: Revamp a picture frame

Home keepsakes make really special gifts and it’s nice for children to see the fruits of their creations. Updating a wooden or plastic picture frame is an excellent way to up-cycle old items and an instant item for kids to customise into a handmade gift.

Update a picture frame with POSCA

POSCA pens work on both wood and plastic so you can decorate your frames with ease. You can go simple like this geometric idea above or go fancy with a floral design. For extra help, go to our floral illustration how to here.

Update a picture frame with POSCA

Mother’s day projects 2: Personalise a plate

As we know POSCAs work on just about any surface and they are a dream on ceramics.

So grab some plain plates (you can pick them up from the charity shop or use those old randoms in the back o the cupboard if you don’t fancy ‘updating’ your fine china) and get the kids to work! It’s one of the simplest but effective Mother’s day projects we can imagine.

Follow our easy hand-lettering demo for this personalised plate how to…

Mother’s day projects 3:  Update a photo album

Some mums may have some piled up in a box so why not free the photos and make a special album, lovingly curated by your little one. It’s one of our favourite Mother’s day projects but we think this is a great gift idea for anyone who likes to look at old photographs.

Many albums have fabric covers, which is fine as POSCAs work on fabric. Once you have filled your photo album with those lovely piccies, decorate the outside with your favourite motifs and a little motto. We’ve used gold and white POSCA stars on the out side of this album and used SIGNO pens to continue the theme on the inside. What design will your family go for?

Mother’s day projects 4: Decorate a gift box 

Many mums need little boxes to hold keepsakes and trinkets in. So why not adorn little containers with designs crafted by you and the kids? That way they’ll be truly treasured. We painted a heart shaped box with pink acrylic paint, left it to dry then decorated it with a simple, but stylish fir sprig design using a black 1MR POSCA. 

Gift box decorated with POSCA

To make your own design simply draw a a set of interconnecting lines, curved or straight. Now, make little strokes along one edge of the central lines,  decreasing in size as it goes up.  Now repeat making decreasing strokes along the other side.

Mother’s day projects 5: Update a plain vase

This project couldn’t be simpler yet it looks so amazing.

Update a plain vase with POSCA

All you need is a sponge and a 8K gold POSCA. Apply heavy strokes of the gold pen to the base. While the gold paint is still wet, sponge the colour to soften the edges. Layer the gold by repeating this method to intensify the colour. You can do this in any colour way and it will make an impressive gift on Mothering Sunday.