Pen of the month: SUPER INK MARKER

Super ink marker

Whether you have a practical or creative task, our pens are made to make your life easier. Our pen of the month, the Super Ink Marker, is a perfect example of this. This truly permanent marker is designed for a range of uses, so one pen does the work of many.

Super Ink Marker


The Super Ink Marker contains incredible Super Ink, which is fade resistant, abrasion resistant and water resistant. It will even resist bleach or acetone, making it one of the few markers available that is truly permanent. That’s why you will often see this pen laying around workshops and industrial spaces, however it’s great for home use too! 

A back to school basic

If you have school age kids you’ll know what a mission it can be labelling and marking up all their school stuff; Super Ink Marker makes it easier.

Labelling your kid’s school kit is especially important in the age of social distancing, ensuring that school children don’t mix up their belongings with each-other. Things like water bottles and lunch boxes need to be clearly marked and your Super Ink Marker is simply perfect for this. The pen glides sweetly on all kinds of melamine, clear and solid plastic, fabric and metal with ease so you can label your little one’s things in no time.

Super Ink marker

Plus, because the Super Ink Marker goes on with such ease and has a neat precision tip, you can be a bit creative too. So many permanent markers are bulky and clumsy, but the Super Ink Marker’s fine line allows you to be a little bit fancy, if you so choose. The fine tip gives you the option to go to town and unleash your artistic side as it writes and draws like a dream. We’ve have fun with ours you can see above, with our cursive script personalised Bento box festooned with hand-drawn floral motifs – you can really see here the range of lines you can produce as well as its solid black colour coverage. And, if flowers aren’t your thing you can be quirky with a rocket themed water bottle as seen below…

Super Ink Marker

The Super Ink Marker is also a fantastic NO SEW option for marking up your kid’s clothes and sports kit. This pen works permanently on fabric too, so you don’t have to spend time ironing on and sewing labels into clothes and bags. Simply write on direct and you are DONE, much easier than using a needle and thread.

Super Ink Marker

A home essential

Every potting shed, home office, workshop and garage should have a Super Ink Marker. It works a treat on almost any surface, meaning the pen is great for so many domestic uses.

Let’s face it, even in the era of digital cloud technology we all have a collection of USB sticks and CDs sat around containing various archived photos, home accounts and other bits and pieces. Sort them out with the Super Ink Marker, where you can easily name them and perhaps list the date or contents (again the Marker’s fine tip means you can write small and neat so you can read it clearly). This means no more scrambling about trying to find the correct archived files. The marker is also useful when marking up the various plugs under your desk too, so you’ll know when you’re connecting the printer, scanner or desk lamp, saving you a heap of time.

Super Ink Marker

The Super Ink Marker is the perfect marker for gardeners. When you don’t want your signage to fade, this pen is just the ticket, making them ideal for plant labels and marking up your pots. Not only does the Super Ink Marker write clear as day but it can withstand the elements too. With the Super Ink Marker you can be sure your signage can sit in the sun for a whole summer and endure heat, intense light and showers and you’ll still be able to read it at the end of the season.

Super Ink Marker

For further info and where to buy check out the Super Ink Marker here.