Enjoy writing and doodling with SIGNO Gel Grip

We know handwriting and note taking is an everyday task but it can also be a joy and a pleasure. Especially when you have the right pen.

We want to make ensure that even an everyday pen is a delight to use. The Signo Gel Grip is an ideal example of this. Taking notes? Writing lists? Doing some serious work? Whatever the job, you need a clear writing, dependable pen that’s a breeze to write with; that’s the Gel Grip.

Journal page gel grip

An all-round classic

The uni-ball Signo Gel Grip is a high quality gel ink rollerball pen that delivers clear vibrant colour to the page. That’s why we love it it for note-taking and journaling. Perfect for work and study, its quick-drying ink ensures that your writing remains neat and smudge-free. That makes the pen excellent for jotting info down quickly or creating intricate journal pages. The precision 0.7mm nib is ideal for super clear script but it also makes the pens perfect for simple, graphic illustrations and drawings. The Gel Grip is a brilliant all-rounder.

Brilliant for your hobbies

Propagate plants SiGNO gel grip

When your writing experience is straightforward and fuss free you can have some fun with it too. Because the SIGNO Gel Stick is such an easy to use and reliable mark maker you can keep it handy for the projects and hobbies in your life. Essentially it’s your go-to pen for work and play.

This easy to handle, effective pen has a rubber grip for comfort so its nice to hold. It also a window incorporated into the sleek barrel design so that you know exactly when your ink is running low. The gel ink is also fade-free, water resistant and tamper proof, making it a sensible choice for all kinds of tasks.

We love it for making a note of our house plant hobby, as you can see above, using it for step-by-step propagation instructions as the Gel Grip is great for both clear drawing and quick writing. It’s crisp clean line is also brilliant for simple sketches, check it out in our cheeky yoga move stick people illustrations. This really shows how you can use the pen for quick diagrams and plans. You can also see the potential these pens have for doodling.

Yoga journal SIGNO Gelgrip

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