Back to school ideas

It’s been a difficult few months for parents who are home schooling. So we want to make it easier for when your little one, tween or teen goes back to school or college with some handy hacks using uni-ball pens.

SIGNO pens

Get planning

You know that old saying… “Failure to prepare is to prepare to fail”. So get your planning head on and get yourself in the back to school game with a handy little crib sheet. Take a look at this colour-coded one we did with our metallic SIGNO pens. Here you can work out your plan for the big day, what to buy, when to get important info back and why not take the stress out of the first week by planning your lunches? It’s good to put a plan on paper and you may as well make it a good looking plan with gold, silver and bronze SIGNOs.

Put the right kit together

You want your child to stroll into school feeling confident that they’ve got all the right gear. So have a think about all those pencil case essentials you need to equip them with. As well as basics such as rulers, erasers and possibly sticky-notes, you’ll need the standard blue, red and black pens. We love this set of SIGNO gel grips.

The Gel Grip is a great go-to school pen. This  high quality gel ink rollerball pens, writes clearly and is easy to handle. It features a rubber grip for comfort, has a window incorporated into the sleek barrel design so that you know exactly when your ink is running low. Its precision 0.7mm nib is ideal for super clear script and the Signo Gel contains uni Super Ink, which is fade resistant, water resistant and tamper proof making it ideal for important notes, essays, journaling and more.

Eye Designer Pen

Older students may need a more colours. Eye pens are ideal for this, particularly Eye Fine and Eye Designer ranges.

uni-ball Eye Designer pens have the same features and quality you expect from the uni-ball Eye, but with a fashionable coloured barrel design. So they look cool and contemporary while being super reliable too.

One of the world’s favourite rollerballs for more than 20 years, the Eye Fine contains water resistant pigment ink – AKA uni Super Ink – which is fade resistant, water resistant and tamper proof, ideal for important documents. 

Uni-ball Eye’s unique ‘uni-flow’ system ensures a consistent and continuous ink flow right to the last drop so you don’t have to worry about the pen jamming or ink running out, plus you know in good time when it’s time to replace your Eye pen. The Designer’s fine 0.7mm nib is available in black, blue, green, light blue, light green, orange, pink, red, violet and wine – amazing for students of every age.

True blue writing

A number of schools nowadays ask pupils to write in blue ink. Luckily uni-ball writing pens have so many beautiful blue ink options to choose from. It depends on what writing style your child has and what they want to achieve. Take a look at the image above to see how each range writes in blue.

Jetstream blue pens

Whatever age your student is, if they are left-handed you may want to get them a set of Jetstream pens. Available in a range of colours and also a triple colour pen the Jetstream range has the smooth, flowing writing of a rollerball with the quick drying properties of a ballpoint, delivering an even writing experience with minimal smudging. The ranges fast flowing ink dries nine times faster than a standard ballpoint, because it dries so quickly it is ideal for left handers. Its hybrid Jetstream ink contains a special solvent for fast writing that reduces friction on the page by 50% resulting in smooth, smudge free writing.

Get labelling

Super Ink Marker

You know the importance of labelling children’s stuff for school. We’ve got the perfect pen for such a task; the Super Ink Marker. The pen glides sweetly on all kinds of melamine, clear and solid plastic, fabric and metal with ease so you can label your little one’s things in no time. It’s ideal for personalising clothes and kit as well as lunch boxes, water bottles and bags. It’s fine tip enables you to write and draw clearly and neatly.

Super Ink marker

Customise, decorate and personalise

Whether you are prepping for college students, juniors or little schoolers, personalisation is everything, the more creative the better. We’ve got three creative ideas for making those back to school items truly unique

You can use our writing pens to customise jotters and notebooks. We’ve created a simple patterned leaf designs on this coloured mini moleskin journal.

Decorate journals with Air

We’ve got a quick and easy video for using a uni Air Micro pen to create this simple design.

You or your student can design a unique water bottle with POSCA pain markers. A water bottle is now a back to school staple. Make sure yours is unique by customising your metal or glass bottle with POSCAs. We’ve used flowers here but you can opt for any design. Have fun with colourful stars, or brighten up a container with vibrant dots and dashes.

POSCA water bottle

How about standing out from the crowd with a customised pencil case? Sparkly POSCAs work really well on fabric with a glittery finish. You can work straight onto the fabric and iron on the reverse to make the design permanent. With eight gorgeous jewel-like colours, this Sparkling POSCA pen set is ideal for for all kinds of craft and colouring in. So grab the glitter and create a new look on your pencil cases and more for a new term. 

POSCA pencil case