Personalise your table with Uni-Chalk Markers

Personalise your table with Uni-Chalk Markers21

Here’s a quick home hack to brighten up your table this autumn. Update plain slate table mats with uni-Chalk markers – you could have a different design every week or if you’re feeling super creative, every day as uni-Chalk pens write on and wipe off like a dream

Here we talk you through how to make a simple design using the coloured uni-Chalk markers but you can always stay classy and keep it to simple white on black, or go super bling and use our metallics or fluorescent colours – the choice is yours!

Chalk markers – a home and garden essential

Every home should have a set of Uni-Chalk Markers – brilliant when you need to pull something out the bag for a party and handy for practical stuff too.

The uni-ball Chalk Marker writes on and wipes off non-porous surfaces such as chalkboards, chalkboard painted walls and glass. They should be your go-to marker for decorating, making signs and writing temporary labels. These markers are so good that bars and restaurants use them everyday. So get the same professional look for yourself in your own home or for your small home parties and outdoor intimate gatherings. 

Make any family dinner or small shin-dig super special with personalised notices, tableware decorations, table numbers, favours and party pieces. Use the markers for seasonal soirees such as Xmas, Halloween and Easter parties, and wipe off when you’re done.  They are rain resistant so are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but can also be easily removed from non-porous surfaces using a damp cloth.  These pens are great for updating gift wrap. They are also handy for gardening, allowing you to mark up labels and pots. And why not use the pens to unleash your creative side on chalkboard painted walls? 

Personalise your table with Uni-Chalk Markers

1: Easy home hack, you will need

For this super easy Chalk marker update you will need the following items. We’re showing you how to decorate a heart shaped table mat here but this design can be scaled down for coasters and will work equally well on a square, rectangular or round shape.

1: Slate table matts and coasters
2: Uni Chalk 5m bullet tip marker mega pack

That’s it. That really is all you need.

2: Draw your central flower

Update a slate heart with chalk pens

This is a really easy way to draw a flower. First draw a leaf/petal shape as your ‘top’, then draw in two petals at the bottom so it looks like a little figure with legs, then add the two horizontal petals either side as shown. Use a contrasting pen to draw in curved ‘v’ shapes in-between the central flower. Colour in.

Personalise your table with Uni-Chalk Markers

3: Draw easy foliage

Update a slate heart with chalk pens

This couldn’t be simpler. Just make two curved lines coming out of your flower. The make curved loops out from the side and fill in.

4: Add berries, buds and highlights

Draw in a flower centre by placing a central circle in the middle of the shape. Then make small curved lines from the circle and add little dots around it as shown.

Update a slate heart with chalk pens

Simple as that, draw in basic circles and bud shapes, then add highlights with your white chalk marker.

Personalise your table with Uni-Chalk Markers