Essential writing pens for your Christmas prep

essential writing pens for your Christmas prep

Tis the season to get deep into your Christmas prep and we have just the writing tools you need. Our festive selection of essential writing pens will help you with your planning, give your greetings a smart flourish, make your presents look professional and add a special touch to your thank you cards.

SIgno gel grip for card writing and planning

Get planning with SIGNO Gel Grip

You’re making a list, you’re checking twice. But what pen are you using? We suggest a uni-ball Signo Gel Grip.

This high quality gel ink rollerball pen delivers clear vibrant ink to the page and is great for list-making and planning. Perfect for work and study, its quick-drying ink ensures that your writing remains neat and smudge-free, making the pen excellent for jotting info down quickly. The precision 0.7mm nib is ideal for super clear script but it also makes the pens perfect for simple, graphic illustrations and drawings, so if you’re feeling creative you could make some cards with them (see below). The Gel Grip is a brilliant all-rounder.

SIgno gel grip for card writing and planning


Eye pens for writing Christmas cards

Get greetings lit with uni-Eye pens

We don’t know about you but, seeing as we haven’t seen a lot of the people we love in 2020, we’re going all in on sending Christmas cards this year. We’re writing ours with uni-Eye pens.

One of the most amazing things about the Eye range is that it’s available in range of nib sizes and colours to suit your writing preference. This means that you can choose your pen to suit your style.

If you like your writing fine and delicate opt for an Eye Needle or Micro pen, their 0.5mm nib is excellent for neat handwriting with a little flourish, making it a great pen for writing greeting cards and scribing thoughtful notes. For a neat, medium line opt for the Eye Fine or Eye Designer, the pens’ fine 0.7mm nib writes like a dream and are available in different colours too. An expressive soul can go bold and write their festive greetings with an Eye Broad. This pen has 1.0mm rollerball for solid, full-bodied handwriting. Just the pen for when you need clear, easy-to-read script.

All the pens combine style and substance and feature a handy ink window in the barrel to indicate your ink levels, so you won’t get caught out. Plus, we know people like to keep their cards and the Eye’s ink is water resistant, fade-free and tamper proof so the words will last and be treasured for years to come. We may even write our round robins with them!

You can buy a selection for Eye Pens in all sizes here.

uni-Eye pens for card writing

Get creative with PIN

Pin pens for design and writing

Fancy making your cards this year? If so why not have a go with our uni-PIN pens?  You can go simple with a black and white design as seen above or you can add a splash of colour and work with them over watercolour. We’ve got a Christmas illustration tutorial on the Crafts Beautiful website that shows you how to make some festive greetings with watercolour – check it out here.

Remember, the uni-ball PIN is the pros choice. An excellent value drawing and writing pen, it contains fade proof and water resistant Super Ink – great for when you need your creations to last.

Its solid pigment ink line is clear, clean and precise, which is why the PIN is loved by professional artists and illustrators, graphic artists, architects and amateur hobbyists alike. Ink is water resistant too so the pens be used with watercolour as the ink will not smudge when wet.

Its choice of 14 black PIN nib sizes from delicate 0.03 to a heavy 1.2 (including an expressive brush tip), means you can create several line widths with your PIN. This enables you to master a range of techniques including fine line drawing and hand lettering. Ideal for Christmas card design and writing! You can buy all 14 sizes in this handy pack here

If you’re looking for some festive PINspiration (see what we did there?), then take a look at our PIN gift tag video which shows you three ways to create festive motifs with PIN.

Signo pens for tags and wrapping

Make gifts look gorgeous with Signo Broad

We like to make a bit of a song and dance about gifting at uni-ball UK HQ. We love to make every aspect of our pressies a lovely experience. Which is why we bust out our creativity on the tags and wrap.

You don’t have to be an illustrator extronindaire either when you’ve Signo Broad pens. These opaque gel pens look AMAZING on kraft card and black paper. The contrast of the pen on these surfaces is super effective and impressive, so simple lines and dots will look cool. If you do want to branch out, you can try some simple Christmas tree or snowflake designs as seen here. Or you could have a go at some lettering. Get your Broads here.

Signo pens for tags and wrapping

If you’d like some more gift tag ideas have a look at our Signo star tag video…

air pens for thank you letters

Say Thank You in style with uni-Air

We know what a tough year it’s been and we are all about spreading the love and showing gratitude, which is why we believe in saying thank you with a handwritten card or letter.

If you want to express your thanks we style, may we direct you to the uni-ball Air Micro?

With the uni Air pen, you can get that fine fountain-style flow without the fiddle and faff of changing cartridges and worrying about leaks. It is ideal for when you need the finesse of a fine ink script but the reliability of a rollerball. It writes like a dream; just pick up an Air and let the words come as the pen tip moves smoothly across the page. For a varied, stylish script, apply with a light touch for a finer line and give it a firmer pressure for a bolder edge.

You’ll want these words to last and that’s not a problem. The Air writes with uni-ball’s famous Super Ink which is fade and water resistant and tamper proof. These reliable pens are available in black, blue and red.