Thoughtful pen gifts for your favourite people

AMAZING PEN Gifts from uniball

Whether you’re looking for stocking fillers, treats at the Christmas table or a festive bundle, we have some ideas on thoughtful pen gifts for your favourite people. In our carefully curated gift collection, we’ve selected pens from our range for the special people in your life, bringing out the products’ individual strengths to provide you with a present that is useful as well as special.

Great gifts for artists and crafters

Creative people are often thought of as difficult to buy for. Not as far as we’re concerned. We have three fabulous gift bundles for artists and crafters.

POSCA christmas hamper

Give the gift of creativity this Christmas by presenting the dreamers, doers, crafters and colour-inner in your life with a set of POSCA pens. The paint markers are a good choice for an arty package. They are ideal for all kinds of up-cycle, art and craft projects and work brilliantly on a range of surfaces including paper, card, glass, ceramic, fabric, wood and plastic making these pens ideal for the all-purpose crafting.

So, we’ve got the perfect Christmas gift idea for an arty friend. Put together a POSCA hamper to let your loved one’s creativity run riot; this one includes a set of notebooks for journaling, mdf coasters to decorate and three ceramic vases for up-cycling plus a collection of POSCA PC-1M markers.

POSCA PC-1M marker pens come in an array of marvellous shades, ranging from deep black and slate grey to soft creams and candy pink plus metallic hues. They write with an approx 1mm line – the sharp bullet tip can create a range of line widths depending on the angle used.

PIN gift for artists

Loved by professional artists, architects and graphic designers – the uni-PIN pen collection is the ideal creative gift. The uni-PIN range is fantastic as a drawing and sketching pen as well as being wonderful for hand-lettering, as its choice of nib sizes allow you to produce various line-widths and mark sizes to get different results. Here we’ve put together some of our favourite selection of PIN nibs, team with some plain notebooks for sketching and journaling, add a set of watercolours (which PIN work so well with) and complete with a handy book on drawing techniques they can explore with their PIN pens.

With fine art in mind, how about the above for the ultimate art gift? This year, POSCA  expanded its range to include POSCA PENCILS and PASTELS, giving artists more creative options and the chance to master new skills and techniques.

POSCA PENCILS have the same quality you’d expect from POSCA, boasting amazing longevity, usability and, naturally, fantastic colour range and coverage. POSCA PENCILS have a unique formula and contain more oil than wax, making the colours ultra deep, punchy and vidid. Their innovative construction means the pencils are sleek and easy to use, sharpen like a dream and don’t crumble or break when a heavy pressure is applied. These top quality art pencils have six levels of intensity and carry a deep, rich concentration. So embrace your colourful side and explore a wealth of possibilities with POSCA PENCILS.  POSCA PASTELs have been formulated with the artist in mind. Their unique formula contains more wax than oil, so colours are vibrant and true with a super smooth finish. This also means that POSCA PASTELs are remarkably clean to use, leaving hardly any residue on the page.

We’ve teamed these new artist quality tools with an A3 artgecko sketchbook, a mini portable sketching journal, and a handy book to allow people to practice art techniques.

Colourful treats for Budding journal fans

Journaling is a very popular hobby right now and our pens are ideal for that task.

How about creating a wonderful gift for a journal buff? Put together some smart jotters,  colourful washi tape and ribbon plus a handy guide to the hobby topped up with a pack of quality coloured writing pens.  We’ve compiled our little bundle with Erasable pens in plastic free packaging. These pen are brilliant for anyone wishing to try their hand at bullet journaling. The Erasable are available in plenty of pen shades to help a bullet journal fan to create colour pages and to enable them to categorise and explore while journaling. Plus the eraser means that those bullet journal pages can crafted beautifully error free!

Jetstream sport

If there is a left-hander journaller in your life, how about a colourful set of Jetstream sport pens? It’s a great pen for left-handers. The pen’s fast flowing ink dries nine times faster than a standard ballpoint so there’s less smudging. The pen’s rubberised grip has been ergonomically designed to make it easy and comfortable to write with. Plus its hybrid Jetstream ink contains a special solvent for fast writing that reduces friction on the page by 40%, giving you a smooth, even writing experience, whatever hand you write with.

Practical pressies for gardeners and outdoor adventurers

So we’ve been thinking of our loved ones who like the fresh air, getting their hands dirty and their shoes muddy. You wouldn’t think there’d be a pen for them would you?

But there is, in fact we can think of quite a few…

Gifts for gardeners

Check out this gardening bundle for a green fingered friend. Along with a garden organiser, a pair of gardening gloves, some stakes and string, we’ve added some essential pens from our collection; Super Ink Marker and uni-Chalk Markers in black and white.

The Super Ink Marker is the perfect marker for gardeners. It writes on practically any surface and it contains incredible Super Ink, which is fade resistant, abrasion resistant and water resistant. It will even resist bleach or acetone, making it one of the few markers available that is truly permanent. That’s why you will often see this pen laying around workshops and industrial spaces. When you don’t want your signage to fade, this pen is just the ticket, making them ideal for plant labels and marking up pots. Not only does the Super Ink Marker write clear as day but it can withstand the elements too. Signage made with this marker can sit in the sun for a whole summer and endure heat, intense light and showers and you’ll still be able to read it at the end of the season.

While the Super Ink Marker is perfect for permanence, the uni-Chalk Marker is excellent for when you something temporary. The uni-ball Chalk Marker writes on and wipes off non-porous surfaces such as chalkboards, chalkboard painted walls and glass. They should be your go-to marker for making temporary signs and labels. They are rain resistant so are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but can also be easily removed from non-porous surfaces using a damp cloth.   


For the ultimate outdoor type, slip them a Power Tank. The Power Tank is perfect pen for extreme or challenging conditions (or even a windy, rainy golf course). It works anywhere and features a pressurised barrel that will deliver the ink when writing at any angle.   The SN-220 works on wet paper, in freezing conditions (up to minus 20 degrees) and even in zero gravity.  The Power Tank is the perfect writing tool for travellers who need a hard-working pen for all conditions and every altitude. It’s also excellent for nature lovers who pursue their passion and jot down their discoveries in all weathers. It’s an ideal gift to present to someone preparing for a field trip, who need to take notes in difficult conditions.

Sustainable stocking filler

We’re all aware of our impact on the planet and this Christmas you can show you care by getting cute stocking fillers with sustainability in mind.

Sustainable pen gifts

We’ve made this lovely eco-themed stationery pack with recycled notebooks, natural string and paper tape, completed with a Gel Impact refill pen set in biodegradable plastic free packaging. The refill packs effectively double the lifespan of the pens; reducing the need for more plastic consumption. You get two pens and two refills, four pens for the price of one. The all-in-one package is a convenient buy and an easy, good value, way to go green.

A serious gifts for scribes

We all have that one loved one. You know the one who is always threatening to write that novel. Well you can help them on their way with a thoughtful starter set.

Writers gift

Get a chunky, good quality journal, a writing manual or guide book and a set of pens that are a pleasure to write with and hopefully you will delight your would-be author on the big day.

We think writing with uni-Air is a complete joy and would be a lovely way to encourage someone to get writing. The pens write with a smooth, flowing fountain-style black line, brilliant for when you need the style of a fine ink script but the reliability of a rollerball. It writes like a dream; just pick up an Air and let the words come.