Christmas gift ideas 3: Cute Chalk-Markers

Chalk gifts

This is a real Christmas treat, you can buy this set of cute 5M Chalk-Markers in silver, gold, black and white for yourself to add some creativity to your festivities or give them as a gift to a creative loved one.

chisel tip chalk markers

Or if you like something more robust you can get a set of 8K Chisel tip Chalk Markers for your festive decs or as a present.

We love these uni-Chalk Markers. They are fantastic for any celebration, especially Christmas. You can decorate your windows, glassware, chalkboard and gift wrap and tags with these pens. And, with the exception of paper, card and wood, you can remove what you’ve made just as easily as you made your mark.

As you can see, what ever size pens you opt for, this colour combination of white, gold, silver and black are ideal for Christmas adornments. The bullet shaped 5M nib writes with a fine 1.8-2.5mm nib, great if you want something clear and fine. The 8M’s chisel nib is absolutely perfect for delivering a bold, eye catching, robust line. We think it’s great for ornate large writing as well as providing good colour coverage.

Christmas chalk markers

The uni-ball Chalk Marker writes on and wipes off non-porous surfaces such as chalkboards, chalkboard painted walls and glass, so making them brilliant for window decorations. They should be every home’s go-to marker for decorating, making signs and writing temporary labels. We can just imagine a nice Christmas tree recreated with these markers on a chalkboard painted wall. These markers are so good that bars and restaurants use them everyday. With these chalk pens you can get get the same professional look for yourself with a seasonal window display. 

While they’re great for Christmas decorations, they are also brilliant for use all-year round. We used the pens on Halloween projects, for the garden and to make special signs for birthday celebrations and weddings. They really are ideal for when you want to whip up something fancy and take it down when you need to.

uni-chalk markers

See how we’ve used our uni-Chalk pens to create a simple table number below..