Make easy handmade Xmas decs with POSCA

festive decorations with posca pens

Make prepping for Christmas fun and give it a special personalised touch with handmade decorations made with POSCA paint markers.

Get the mince pies, pour yourself a cuppa and treat yourself yourself to a cosy Christmas crafternoon with these amazing festive decorative ideas all whipped up with your POSCA pens.

POSCA paint markers are a great choice for Christmas decoration projects because one pen has so many uses. Its water-based pigment ink (so no nasties) is lightfast, water resistant and will write on almost any surface including ceramics, wood, paper, glass, plastic, textiles and metal – so you can create a co-ordinated Christmas look across a range of objects. So once you get these ideas nailed you can go for it!

Easy loopy trees

chalk baubles with Posca

If you can draw a swish or a swoop, you can draw this motif.

Who knew such an easy drawing can look so effective? It really is a succession of looping ‘Z’ shapes that start small and get progressively bigger.

We love using our metallic POSCAs to draw our simple tree designs. The shades of gold, silver and bronze elevate this easy motif into something effective and stylish.

If you want a write on, wipe off temporary decorative design, you can also recreate this motif using your Chalk Markers as seen on the little votives in the image below.

Christmas chalk markers

Delicate berry branch votives

Festive lanterns with POSCA

If you are crafting with someone who is unconfident with their drawing skills, then start them off on this motif and transform jam-jars with a simple seasonal berry illustration.

Honestly, if you can draw line and make dots you can whip up a whole set of beautiful berry-themed votives. They look amazing as part of a table centre piece or festive mantelpiece display. The only difficulty we can see is picking what festive POSCA colour combination to choose.

If you’d like some more Christmas glass lantern ideas, check out the video below. It shows you how to recreate this berry and branch design plus a simple floral pattern and fir sprig motif.


Marvellous marbling

Marbeled baubles with POSCA

Now this decoration technique is really easy.

Metallics are all the rage for Christmas crafts. So we used the eight-piece Metallic POSCA set to marble on our black and white baubles above which showcases gorgeous shades of blue, purple, pink, reds and bronzes as well as the traditional gold and sliver. The overall look is very impressive, almost celestial.

To marble, simply apply loose lines of POSCA colour and drag with a dry brush while the POSCA pen paint is still wet. Just layer different coloured lines over each other to get a deeper effect. You can do this on baubles and on ceramics – see how we employed the technique below.

Classic Poinsettia and holly illustrations

Now if you are feeling proper fancy, why not get you draw on with this classic Christmas pattern?

We have prepped these Ceramic Christmas shapes with a layer of black POSCA and left to dry. We then used our red POSCA marker to draw basic star flower shapes and plump holly berries to give our pattern structure. When then used our green 1MR POSCA to draw our holly leaves, fine sprig design and mistletoe loops around the flowers and holly berries.

Once the large elements are all dry, then you can overlay details such as the flower centre, tiny dots of red and white berries and highlights. We then varnished over to keep the designs vibrant and fresh.

Ponsettia and holly Christmas shapes with POSCA