Christmas gift ideas 4: Ultra fine POSCA set

Amazon gift bundle 1MR pens

How about this for a little stocking filler? Five funky POSCA 1MR markers with a specially designed dinky A5 sketchpad. This amazing arty bundle is available exclusively on Amazon and is a perfect little gift for a budding illustrator, journal fan or doodler.

Amazon art bundle

This adorable little art set includes ultra fine 1MR POSCA paint markers in vibrant shades of blue, yellow, green, red and black.

Slim and smooth, the PC-1MR’s 0.7mm fibre tip is for people who love versatility, precision and neatness. Its ultra-fine tip is perfect for precise outlines, delicate detail and neat, easy to read handwriting. Plus, as the tip is protected by metal, so the ultra fine tip paint markers work incredibly well with stencils.

Amazon art bundle

A nice little extra

In this amazing art pack, we teamed our vivid POSCA colours with a handy A5 arkgecko Freestyle sketchpad with 10 sheets of paper. This is excellent for use with POSCA pens. It contains paper that is a hybrid of both bleed-proof marker paper and Bristol Board that is brilliantly bright white. The paper is acid free, smooth in texture and a true, clean white in colour. It is ideal for POSCA.

Amazon art bundle

So many other uses

Remember once the A5 sketchpad is all used up, these POSCA pens can go on to be used on a range of surfaces to create a whole host of illustrated or decorative loveliness. So as well as paper and card, you can use the pens on fabric, glass (as seen in this glass painting jar project below), wood and plastic so you can use these fine line POSCAs to create a range of refined, smart looking creative up-cycles, journals and more.

Storage jars with POSCA