Make an easy Christmas tree greeting

Here we show you how to make an easy Christmas tree greeting. This handy handmade card hack is a great way to try out some seasonal drawing if you are not so sure of your pen skills.

This simple Christmas tree themed card is a perfect little Christmas project to do with kids as it doesn’t involve anything particularly technical and you don’t have to be particularly precise.

You will need

To make our Christmas tree cards got some White Canford Card  from Cass Art. And we used a full 16-piece set of POSCA 1MR. We like the selection of colours and think it would be a great idea to whip up a whole collection of snowflake themed tags for your Christmas presents.

We love the fine and delicate quality of the PC-1MR’s 0.7mm fibre tip. Its ultra-fine tip is perfect for defined outlines, delicate detail, neat handwriting and for layering up to create texture.

Make your card blank

If you haven’t done so before you’ll find making a card blank super duper easy.

Simply cut the A4 sheet in half, turn landscape, then use the back of a scissor blade to score in the middle from top to bottom. Fold in half and then you’ll have a dinky A6 card.

Start drawing

It couldn’t be simpler to illustrate your Christmas tree. So much so that you’ll be able to whip up a little greeting card forest in next to no time!

First layer an inverted triangle of metallic green, silver and green 1MR POSCA zigzags as seen above. You can be as scruffy and rough as you like as this will create a sense of depth and texture.

Repeat this process twice, so you have three tiers of zigzags on your tree as shown below. Once you’ve created your tree layers go over with a rough vertical strokes of white POSCA 1M. You’ll find these white highlights really bring out the green and metallic shades of the tree.

Make a Xmas tree card with POSCA

Decorate your tree

Make a Xmas tree card with POSCA

Once you are happy with your festive fir, you can go to town on your decorations. It’s up to you how you go, you could go down the fun and colourful ‘vomit tree’ look or you could go elegant and tasteful route with a single shade adornment. The great thing about the 16-piece pack is that you have a selection of colour options.

When your POSCA tree is dry you can overlay. You can simply add a star on the top and some rounds of baubles and dots of gold fairy lights. Or you could wrap tinsel and garlands around your tree – the choice is yours!

Christmas tree card with POSCA

Video step by step

We made a very simple video of the basic principles of this drawing technique. Take a look here if you need some extra guidance.