Christmas gift ideas 5: Celestial POSCA and sketchbook set

Shady gecko POSCA bundle

Check this out for a fabulous Christmas gift idea! This brilliant POSCA and sketchbook art pack is ideal for a creative mark maker who wants to expand their POSCA practice, working on dark backgrounds.

Beautiful on black

Christmas gift ideas POSCA set

We love working our POSCAs on a deep black surface – the colours sit beautifully and the overall effect is stunning!

See how POSCAs perform on black card in the video below… We love the way the paint sits on the page, looking vibrant and fresh.

The Shady Gecko sketchbook in this pack is idea for all manner of art styles. The Shady Gecko sketchbooks have robust tactile soft touch covers that are durable and customisable – so you can use your POSCAs to decorate your cover. They contain 40 Sheets of sturdy 200gsm superior acid free jet black card so you can really go to town on these pages.

Practice different techniques

Christmas gift ideas POSCA set

POSCAs work great on both dark and light backgrounds, and you can practice a range of techniques on with them. In the piece above we blended wet POSCA paint colours together with a sponge to create a space like, celestial effect. As you can see the colours really pop on this black paper. Once our blended pen was dry we then overlaid these shades with contrasting dots and flicks of our POSCA pens to further enhance our spacey scene.

You can use this effect on all sorts of surfaces with your POSCAs.  Below we’ve used the blending and sponging technique on canvas.

POSCA on canvas

And, as you can see, you can even use this method to decorate plain ceramics and homewares.

Sponge POSCAs

So once, you’ve used up your Shady gecko sketchbook, you can get going with your POSCAs on a whole heap of other projects.

A great art gift

We think these arty bundles make an ideal creative gift.  You have an arty solution in one handy package.

Christmas gift ideas POSCA set