5 Xmas gift decoration ideas

Gift decorations ideas

Want to make this Christmas extra special? Then elevate your gift wrap to epic proportions with a few creative ideas from us!

Decorating gift boxes and wrap not only makes pressies particularly personal but can also be an eco-friendly or sustainable option. If you get uncoated, plain paper and card you can decorate it with your POSCAs and SIGNOs for it to be kept for future Christmases or to be recycled easily.

1: Going dotty!

Gift decorations ideas

You don’t have to be an accomplished artist to make your gifting coordinated and special. We wrapped our gifts with black paper and used the POSCA 1MR pens to cluster simple dots together and gradually separating and reducing to create a kind of ‘fizzy’ effect.

This technique looks great in simple white or gold on black but also works really well in bright colours such as pink and blue. We then used black POSCA to colour in our mdf star tags and worked the same technique over the black shapes.

2: Stars and snowflakes

Wrapping your gift with kraft paper is so lovely at Christmas. It feels traditional without being old fashioned, and with simple illustrations with your SIGNO pens, you can make your brown paper wrap super contemporary.

Gift decorations ideas

As you can see from the example above, a few simple motifs can look very effective. This zodiac star-scape design is really simple to recreate. Team basic star and moon shapes with lines for constellations, swirls and dots and you have a modern festive decorative look.

If you want something really festive you can opt for some seasonal snowflakes on your wrap and gift tags. Go here for a simple snowflake step by step. While white SIGNOs look fab on the brown surface, you can also use a GEL Impact pen for a striking black on kraft paper effect.

Gift decorations ideas

3: Totally trad!

Can’t resist the old robin, holly and mistletoe for your festive treats? Don’t worry we’ve got that covered too!

Use classic red, white, gold and green POSCAs to whip up these poinsettia, fir sprigs and seasonal foliage on your gifts and cards. These traditional festive motifs look great on white, kraft card or black – whatever suits you!

Gift decorations ideas

4: Put a bow on it

Gift decorations ideas

You know this is one of our favourite gifting illustrations. Why buy a ribbon when you can draw one that fits your gift perfectly? We made these gold and red ones with POSCA, but of course you can use any uni-ball pen on plain paper.

5: Wonderful wreaths

Gift decorations ideas

A simple wreath is a great go-to Christmas pressie. And no matter what design you go for they look wonderfully festive as you can see with our SIGNO black gift boxes above.

All you have to do is make a circle (or heart) as a guide, make simple lines and adorn with your leaves, berries, sprigs etc. See how we’ve done this below.

So while you can do this with SIGNOs, you can also work these with POSCA, as you can see on this effective looking gift boxes below.

Gift decorations ideas

Here’s another quick and simple wreath idea with POSCA – take a look at this fluffy one below.

If you are still stuck, why not join artist Ella Johnston for a festive illustration workshop with the London Graphic Centre.