Create a Christmas table name tag with POSCA pencils

Make a name place tagWe know your Christmas gathering may be different this year so let’s make it special with this charming Christmas table hack!

A simple hand-drawn name place will make your loved ones feel special and the soft and luscious textures created with POSCA pencils will add a tactile touch to this festive table.

POSCA PENCILS have the same quality you’d expect from POSCA, boasting amazing longevity, usability and, naturally, fantastic colour range and coverage. POSCA PENCILS have a unique formula and contain more oil than wax, making the colours ultra deep, punchy and vidid. Their innovative construction means the pencils are sleek and easy to use, sharpen like a dream and don’t crumble or break when a heavy pressure is applied. These top quality art pencils have six levels of intensity and carry a deep, rich concentration. So embrace your colourful side and explore a wealth of possibilities with POSCA PENCILS.

You can learn what techniques to try with your POSCA PENCILS in the video below.

1: Christmas wreath design; you will need

Make a name place tag with POSCA pencils

To make your POSCA PENCILChristmas wreath place names you will need black paper, POSCA PENCILS and a pencil sharpener (it is really important when working with pencils that they stay consistently sharp).  We have used A4 black paper cut into A6 quarters with those quarters made into squares.

2: Make your POSCA PENCIL wreath

First use your white pencil to draw a rough circle inside your square as shown.

Make a name place tag with POSCA pencils

Using this white circle as a guide, cross hatch strokes of various shades of green POSCA pencil. As you can see the colours overlay and blend well with each over.

Make a name place tag with POSCA pencils

Keep layering your green pencil strokes until you have a vibrant, verdant fluffy wreath.

3: Overlay to embellish

Make a name place tag with POSCA pencils

Once you are happy with your green wreath overlay using a contrasting colour (we’ve used a light pink here) to create a tinsel garland effect. To do this make curved strokes around the wreath then draw zigzags and crosses along the strokes as shown.

Then take contrasting, deep colour such as purple or red as we have done here, to create your baubles. Simply draw in some rounds, then once you’re happy with the density of your baubles, add highlights with your white pencil.

Make a name place tag with POSCA pencils

Now all that’s left is to write in your name, we’ve chosen a white POSCA PENCIL to do this but you can choose any colour you like!

Make a name place tag with POSCA pencils

4: Watch our drawing videos

If you fancy watching how we made our Christmas Wreath Place Name with POSCA PENCILS then check out the video below. Our YOUTUBE channel has loads of drawing how-tos, including lots of festive motifs, that you can be inspired by.