Create a funky table top with uni-Paint pens

Create a funky table top with uni-Paint pens

Make your garden furniture sing with colourful creativity and create a funky table top with uni-Paint pens.

Our uni-Paint permanent all-purpose markers with total coverage are the kings of DIY, both indoors and outdoors. On glass, ceramic, fabric, terra cotta… We love using different surfaces and today, we’ve chosen metal.

These oil-based uni-Paint markers are available in several colours and three different tip sizes and allow you to decorate all surfaces imaginable. The pens are great to use on this steel outside cafe table.  And if the summer showers fall, not to worry, the markers are resistant to bad weather but also the cold, heat and light.

To create a funky table top with uni-Paint pens, you will need…

Create a funky table top with uni-Paint pens

  • A metal table
  • A  mechanical pencil
  • Uni Paint markers, we’ve selected an average PX20 (2.2 – 2.8mm) tip in Yellow, Light Green, Orange, Pink, White and Red
  • A rag, a damp sponge and a degreasing agent to clean the surface
  • A finishing varnish (optional)

Prep your table!

Before giving a new lease of life to your table with beautiful colours, you have to properly clean it and remove grease from the surface then dry it so that the markers will adhere properly. So go over it with a sponge and a degreasing agent then wipe the table with the rag.

Create a funky table top with uni-Paint pens

Plan your uni-Paint design

To guide your customising and properly centre your design, here’s our little tip! With the help of your mechanical pencil, draw two reference lines: a vertical axis and a horizontal axis which will allow you to work symmetrically. Your design will obscure the pencil marks and you can rub them out after you’ve finished in any case.

Create a cool summer furniture piece with Paint markers

Be inspired and get creating!

Starting at the centre, you can dive into your creation of doodles with a first design! For each element you draw, create an identical element on the other side of the vertical axis.

Draw on a table top with uni-Paint pens

Decorate summer furniture

You can change things up by using different colours! White, pink, red, yellow… Be as expressive as you dare!

For the patterns, let your imagination run wild: a cup of tea, flowers, suns… You can create a unique composition to match your personality. Depending on the desired result, you can also swap pen sizes so you have a variation in tone.

Get busy customising with uni-Paint markers

Seal in your design

In order to protect the surface of all future manipulations we encourage you to apply a finishing varnish. So wait for your design to dry and go over your creation with a clear, non-yellowing all weathers varnish.

Varnish your table

Once your gorgeous illustrated table is complete. You can admire it and show it off by enjoying a snack or some drinks in the summer sunshine.

Upcycle joy with uni-Paint pens

Take a closer look at how we created this project in the short film below…