Celebrate summer with uni-Chalk markers

chalk markers summer projects

Make the most of long sunny days and celebrate summer with uni-Chalk markers. Now we can gather together, add some hand-crafted love to your summer shin-digs by decorating place mats, bottles and signs with your trusty uni-chalk markers.

Chalk markers – a summer essential

Every home should have a set of Uni-Chalk Markers. These pens are fantastic for when you need to add something personalised for a party and are very handy for practical stuff too.

You can really celebrate summer with uni-Chalk markers by being creative with your labelling, signage and having fun with decorative doodles. The uni-ball Chalk Marker writes on and wipes off non-porous surfaces such as chalkboards, chalkboard painted walls and glass. Keep a stash in your kitchen drawer as they are a handy tool for decorating, making signs and writing temporary labels. These markers are so good that many of your favourite bars and restaurants will use them everyday for signage. With uni-Chalk makers you can get the same professional look for yourself in your own home or for your small home parties and outdoor intimate gatherings. 

Make any family dinner or small summer shin-dig super special with personalised notices, tableware decorations, table numbers, favours and party pieces. You can also keep your uni-Chalk pens and use these long-lasting, durable markers for seasonal soirees such as Xmas, Halloween and Easter parties, and wipe off when you’re done.  They are rain resistant so are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but can also be easily removed from non-porous surfaces using a damp cloth.  These pens are great for updating gift wrap. They are also handy for gardening, allowing you to mark up labels and pots. And why not use the pens to unleash your creative side on chalkboard painted walls? 

Get out in the garden

Celebrate summer with Chalk markers

Is there a nicer way of spending summer days than pottering about in the garden?

Embrace your green fingers and get growing! You can buy pot-able herbs from your supermarket and create your own cut and come again herb kitchen – all the top chefs have them and so can you!

If you have kids this is a great way of getting young minds engaged with where their food comes from. So if you have a garden or window box, cultivate some green-fingered joy in your kids by getting them involved in planting herbs and pot plants. Bring some further creativity to your gardening by getting kids to update and label pots, containers and signs with fine uni-Chalk markers.

Get creative with your decor

Celebrate summer with Chalk markers

You know what, sometimes simplicity is the only way to go and there’s nothing wrong in sticking to classic black and white for your summery decorations. In fact this elegant colour scheme can look so effective on a bright summery day.

We’ve decorated the slate platter above with a white chalk marker and floral and feather designs. If you need some guidance on drawing florals check out our flower drawing tutorial. We’ve co-ordinated our platters with a complementary illustration using a black chalk marker on a clear jar of white bon-bons to extend the mono theme even further.

Decorate a sweet jar with a simple chalk-pen design

Make gatherings special

When you’re having some al-fresco fun, liven your drinks station up with some sweet signage and easy labelling. Rather than having just your bottles of spirits out for people to help themselves, use your uni-Chalk markers to make a little cocktail menu. Take a standard free-standing chalk sign, draw some simple cocktail illustrations on the front and instructions for how to make them on the other side.

write a cocktail menu with uni chalk pens

You can also use your uni-Chalk Markers to label drinks and maybe even personalise and theme your summer party.

Celebrate summer with Chalk markers

We love ditching the glasses and serving drinks in mini little milk bottles with paper straws. We have used our uni-Chalk Markers on chalk-board stickers to label our drinks and pretty them up. You can do this on jars and containers as well as bottles leaving you to enjoy a summer party rather than having to explain what everything is to your guests.

Find out about uni-Chalk markers in this short film below