Stay On Point with uni-ball pens

Eye Rose Gold On Point Pen Collection

We’re bringing a fresh approach to the handwriting market. We’re launching a collection of curated pen packs to help discerning stationery fans to stay On Point with uni-ball pens.

Always looking for creative ways to deliver writing solutions, uni-ball has launched the stunning new On Point stationery collection. The range features four branded pen packs, including the debut of an exciting brand new pen brand, the uni-ONE rollerball.

Specially curated packs

Stay On Point with uni-ball pens

The On Point collection presents four individual pen ranges. All are specially devised packs that have been curated to suit a range of handwriting, journaling and study needs. Each branded set is presented in plastic-free fully biodegradable packaging as standard.

Stay On point with uni-ball pens

They have all been carefully designed with the audience in mind with their own look, feel, mood and language. Each seeking to inspire, motivate and engage students and creative minds to take control, pick up their pens and own their journals, notes, creative writing and studies.

On Point pens

The four brands packs showcase the smart new uni-ONE pens, the elegant uni-Eye Broad Rose Gold rollerball, the stylish EMOTT fine liner and the innovative Erasable gel pen.

The uni-One

NEW uni-ONE pens

The new uni-ONE rollerball represents future of everyday writing. This new pen brand is sleek, chic and practical; it looks great and writes like a dream with a crisp, clean line.

The retractable rollerball pen has a smooth flowing 0.5mm nib for a fine neat script. It has a clean, contemporary design build with a smart metal clip and sleek white barrel for all pen colours plus an additional, special black barrel for the black pen.

New uni-ball ONE rollerball

Eye Broad, rose gold

eye rose gold broad

The uni-Eye Broad Rose Gold’s 1.0mm broad rollerball tip is excellent for bold, easy to read script; great for studies and professional use. The on-trend rose-gold barrel is a smart, good looking addition to a young adults fashionable stationery stash.

On Point plastic free pen packs

The ever fine Emott

Emott on point pens

A cool, reliable purchase, EMOTT pens are super stylish and perform brilliantly for young scholars.

While the pens look elegant and delicate, the EMOTT’s robust, durable tip doesn’t bend or split. This ensures a consistent line-width at any angle, which makes them perfect for handwriting, drawing diagrams and charting graphs. They are also amazing for creative work and bullet journaling.

Stay on point with uni-ball pens

New and improved Erasables

Stay on point with uni-ball pens

The colourful Erasable pen packs are available as capped or retractable. The shiny, vibrant barrel pens are a school stationery essential. They are an ideal pen to practice and perfect school work and handwriting; simply write, erase, and try again. The choice of shades allow students to colour-code school essays, reports and time tables.

See the Erasable in action here…

The On Point ranges have multiple purchase options, with a choice of expertly selected colour combinations in three- or five-packs. So whatever young people’s interests, this new collection helps you stay On Point with uni-ball pens.