Introducing the NEW uni-ONE rollerball

new uni-ONE rollerball pen

uni-ball’s uni-One stylish new rollerball pen heralds the future of modern everyday handwriting.

With a reputation for innovation and style, uni-ball has launched the uni-ONE; a brand new rollerball that seeks to invigorate the handwriting market and bring some contemporary style to everyday stationery.

uni-One stylish new rollerball pen

Writes like a dream

The uni-One stylish new rollerball pen represents future of everyday writing. This debut brand has been developed using the latest Japanese pen design technology from uni-ball’s parent Mitsubishi Pencil Company, resulting in a chic, sleek looking pen that writes like an absolute dream with a crisp, clean line and solid, opaque colour.

New uni-ball ONE rollerball

The retractable rollerball pen has a smooth flowing 0.5mm nib for a fine neat script.  It has a compact, trim build with a smart metal clip and sleek white barrel for all pen colours plus an additional, special black barrel for the black pen. The uni-ONE’s immaculate, contemporary design sits beautifully as part of a modern stationery collection. It’s both practical and beautiful – making it a stylish, discerning stationery gift choice.

NEW uni-ONE pens

uni-One On Point packs

Always looking for creative ways to deliver writing solutions, uni-ball has launched this brand within its new On Point stationery collection. The collection features four branded pen packs, including debuting the uni-ONE rollerball pen.

uni-One stylish new rollerball gel pen

The On Point collection presents four individual pen ranges with specially devised study packs that have been curated to suit student needs. Each branded set is presented in plastic-free fully biodegradable packaging as standard.

They have all been carefully designed with the audience in mind. Every pack as its own look, feel, mood and language that seeks to inspire, motivate and engage creative minds to take control, pick up their pens and own their studies.

uni-One pens

The uni ONE pen packs have multiple purchase options, with a choice of expertly selected colour combinations in three- or five-packs.

There are four three-piece packs; One Ambition with three black ink rollerballs, One Purpose in black, blue and red, One Vision featuring blue, green and pink writing pen and One Dream containing gel pens in sky blue, light pink and yellow.

The On Point packs also showcase two five-pen packs;  One Intention with two black rollerballs plus blue, red and green and One Wish featuring blue, pink, yellow, sky blue and light pink pens.