Take a look at our On Point plastic free pen packs

On Point plastic free pen packs

Every aspect of uni-ball’s stunning new On Point stationery collection has all been carefully designed with the audience in mind. On Point plastic free pen packs have been specially devised and curated to suit a range of handwriting, journaling and study needs.

While the design and pen selection is ‘on point’, it was just as important to us that each branded set was presented in plastic-free fully biodegradable packaging as standard.

On point plastic free packaging

On Point stationery collection

The On Point plastic free pen packs are designed to be more than just a new selection of writing tools. They aim to engage with the target audience emotionally and personally.  Each plastic free pack has been carefully designed with our audience in mind.

On Point plastic free pen packs

The On Point plastic free pen packs features four branded pen packs, including the debut of an exciting brand new pen brand, the uni-ONE rollerball.

The four brands packs showcase the new uni-ONE pens. The uni-Eye Broad Rose Gold rollerball, the stylish EMOTT fine liner and the innovative Erasable gel pen.

On Point plastic free pen packs

They have all been created with the pen user as the focus.  Each pack has its own look, feel, mood and language. Above all the packs seek to inspire, motivate and engage students and creative minds to take control, pick up their pens and own their journals, notes, creative writing and studies.

On Point plastic free pen packs

Every effort has been made from sourcing to manufacture to ensure the packaging reduces its carbon footprint.  The pack’s board is climate-neutral; made from 100% PEFC certified (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) – the world’s largest forest certification system for sustainable forest management.

On Point plastic free pen packs

The new packaging’s inks are vegetable rather than mineral-based, the latter often being derived from fossil fuels. The packs use a non-toxic, water-based blister varnish that does not affect composting or cause environmental damage, plus its gloss UV Varnish uses energy efficient UV light to finish. As a result we can produce great looking packs that are completely recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.

Stay on point with uni-ball pens

A considered production process

While the On Point stationery packaging looks great, with a consistent, high quality litho print finish, the print process has been also designed with eco-concerns at its heart.

On Point plastic free pen packs

The print pre-press uses chemical free Kodak computer-to-plate technology. Packaging is printed using the Komori Press.  This press boasts one of the shortest press set-up available anywhere.  This particular printing process significantly cuts paper and water waste while vastly reducing the use of press consumables. In addition, its direct dampening system, where the dampening solution is applied directly to plate, enables non-alcohol printing using the minimum amount of water.

Furthermore uni-ball have used the same UK-based printer to produce the new packaging – requiring minimal set-up and reducing air-miles.

In conclusion, we believe the whole On Point stationery collection considers lifestyle, practical and environmental needs.