Get organised with EMOTT pens

It’s time to get organised with EMOTT pens. Journaling is a great way to keep your life in check. A simple way of doing this is to create a basic to-do list. The amazing range of EMOTT fineliner colours allows you code your list in order of priority and task so you can get your life in great order!

With this, preparing will be a pleasure and you can start to dream of the different activities you’ll be able to enjoy or simply get done. For the organisers and the devil-may-care types, we’ve thought of everything. Simply follow our easy journaling guide!

EMOTT felt tip pens

Get organised with EMOTT pens, make a start

Do you have your notebook, notepad or bullet journal? Great, now you just need some EMOTT felt-tip pens. Their fine, ultra-resistant 0.4mm tip makes them the perfect companions for writing, sketching and drawing under any conditions. Why not get some of our specially selected EMOTT colours from our On Point range

The To Do list

First, the most important thing is to organise your to do list. A nice title at the top of the page, then you can mark out the different areas of the list using a new EMOTT shade each time.

Make an area for immediate tasks where you can list the missions to complete and activities to do. Reserve a space for tasks to be carried out more long term. Finally, sketch a sidebar on the side of your page for the small points to keep in mind, to be carried out if you have time.

Get organised with EMOTT

get organised with EMOTT pens

Creating ‘to do list’ content

Now it’s time to fill it out! For each category, with our intense black EMOTT felt-tip pen, write down the different tasks in each of the spaces, by sketching a small circle before each line, so that you can tick off the items on the To do list along the way.

Make plans and fill your journal pages with joyful content. 

journaling pages with coloured pens

A colourful personalisation!

To personalise your list a little and make it more fun, there’s nothing like adding little emojis everywhere!

It’s also the moment to have some fun with the colours, the more, the better!

emott felt tip

You can find our emojis on our downloadable PDF.

And there you have your finished To do list! Of course, you could develop it over time if you think of new things to do.

Now you just have to enjoy it!