Amazing upcycling ideas with POSCA

It’s so important to reduce, reuse and recycle where you can. And POSCA paint markers are excellent for bringing new life into old things. Wanna see how? Check out these amazing upcycling ideas with POSCA deep colours and more.

Why throw stuff away when you can revamp them with POSCA pens? We’ve taken our beautiful deep colour POSCA collection and given lots of everyday items a new lease of life. From fashion to interiors, rocks to rocking instruments, POSCA can transform a plain object into something special.

POSCA pens work on a range of surfaces including paper, card, stone, glass, ceramic, leather, fabric, wood and plastic, making them the perfect pen for up-cycling, personalising clothes, creating decorations or designing a greeting. The multi-purpose, multi-surface ability of the markers gives the new POSCA marker deep colours a multitude of uses making them excellent value and a great gift for the creative in your life. Find out more about POSCA pens here.

Go deep

POSCA Deep colours

In deep hues of English Green, Ochre, Prussian Blue, Raspberry, Cacao Brown, Deep Grey and Ruby Red, POSCA Deep Colours are perfect for giving anything a personalised look. The rich, colours are showcased in an eight-piece pack with an Ivory POSCA to further complement the deeper, more classic quality of this rich palette.

These colours can also teamed with other POSCA hues to create a collection of unique stylish designs.

Fashion forward

POSCA paint markers are excellent for bring new life to old things. Wanna see how? Check out these amazing upcycling ideas with POSCA.

Updating old clothes is just one for our amazing upcycling ideas with POSCA. You can create unique fashion pieces with the help of your trusty POSCA pens. In this stylish denim jacket revamp we’ve teamed the deep colours with black and white POSCA shades to create a truly eye-catching design.

Update fashion items with POSCA

As you can see you get tremendous colour coverage with your POSCA markers on a surface such as denim so your design will really ‘pop’.  If colour blocking isn’t your thing, take advantage of the clear crisp line you can create with POSCA. Take a look at the precise, bleed-free line we’ve made with our POSCA pens on this apron update below. We love the way the colours look so clear on the black background.

Update old clothes with POSCA pens

Revamp a vase

You will love the way POSCA paint markers glide so smoothly over a ceramic surface. Once you have a play with them on ceramic you’ll forgive us for taking the opportunity to grab our coloured pens to inject some funkiness into a plain old vase. In fact you’ll be itching to do it yourself.

amazing upcycling ideas with POSCA

This Ketih Haring inspired design shows off the strengths of POSCA paint markers perfectly. Here you can see the fantastic colour coverage, the solid overlaying of shades plus the defined outlines – everything you need for effective illustrations and designs.

Stone cold style

POSCA pens are ideal for stone painting so here’s some great rock painting design ideas to get you going…

rock painting ideas with POSCA

There is such a range of creative options for you. We’ve got a great selection here of rock painting designs all of which utilise POSCA Deep colours. Try pretty flowers or sweet treats. Or perhaps have a go at beach huts and cacti – the choice is yours.

rock painting ideas with POSCA

Rocking good update!

upcycling ideas with POSCA

We can’t get enough of this cool guitar design. Here you can see the way a simple black line drawing using POSCA black marker has been given little pops of colour with White, Ruby Red, Deep Grey, English Green and Ochre POSCA colours.

decorate a guitar with POSCA

Isn’t it great that you can decorate an acoustic guitar with your POSCA pens? It’s a real marriage of creativity, making a cool object event cooler.

Find out more

If you’re interested in upcycling and would like more info on what surfaces POSCA works on and how to make your designs permanent, take a look at the film below. It gives you a thorough guide on using your POSCAs on a range of surfaces…