Chalk Marker Halloween Hacks

Halloween chalk board

It’s October which can only mean one thing HALLOWEEN! Consequently we’ve got some creative Chalk Marker Halloween Hacks that will make your spooky shindigs truly special.

Using Chalk Marker for Halloween and other seasonal events is a great idea.  The uni-ball Chalk Marker writes on and wipes off non-porous surfaces such as glass, wood, chalkboards and chalkboard painted walls – it also works on canvas and card. Keep a stash in your kitchen drawer as they are a handy tool for decorating, making signs and writing labels.

These markers are so good that many of your favourite bars and restaurants will use them everyday for signage. With uni-Chalk makers you can get the same professional look for yourself in your own home or for your small home parties. 

As well as being perfect for Halloween, you can also keep your uni-Chalk pens and use these long-lasting, durable markers for seasonal soirees such as Xmas and Easter parties, and wipe off when you’re done.  They are rain resistant so are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but can also be easily removed from non-porous surfaces using a damp cloth.  

Mono marker magic

Black and white Chalk Marker halloween

Although Chalk Markers are available in an array of amazing colours, you can start with black and white Chalk Markers.

We’ve taken advantage of the range of nib sizes in black and white Chalk Markers, using the whole range from super fine to the large chisel tips. This means the smaller tips can do delicate fine lines and label text, while the the larger nibs can do BIG writing and can cover large areas of colour.

Chalk marker ghost candles

Believe us you really don’t have to be an accomplished artist to achieve a convincing Halloween look. In our next Chalk Marker Halloween Hacks post we’ll show you how to create the spider web window.

If you can draw wonky ovals you can make ghostly faces on candles and canvases (the latter prepped with white Chalk Marker). To really ramp up the mono magic we painted some two wine bottles with a black Chalk Marker. We then let them dry and made crazy skull faces with our silver Chalk Markers. The result is a pair of fab impromptu candle sticks.

Black and white halloween

Get creative with jam jars and votives

Chalk Marker Halloween Hacks

Decorating glass votives is one of our easy Chalk Marker Halloween Hacks. You can use your smaller black and white Chalk Markers to draw simple spiders web onto glass – they look really effective and are really easy to do.

Another super simple Halloween jam jar design is these slime covered jars below. They look like they’ve been whipped up in a witch’s cauldron and look great filled with sweets or as votives.

Chalk pen slime jars

See how we did made our slime jars on our Tik Tok page….


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♬ SCARY(part2) – SPOOKY

black spooky votives

You can also work with silhouettes on jars and glass votives. You can paint directly onto the glass with your black Chalk Marker and pop a candle in to see what shadows they cast. Watch this space for a glass votive tutorial and some handy templates.

Make mini pumpkins!

Chalk Marker halloween hacks

If you don’t fancy carving out pumpkins – or indeed don’t fancy getting pumpkins at all – how about this for a handy Halloween idea? Simply get your Black Chalk Markers and draw spooky faces onto a satsuma for cute mini pumpkins. This could be a lovely activity for kids!

Keep it simple with spooky labels

Chalk marker halloween hacks

You know that you can also use your Chalk Markers on paper too. Give fruit juices a spooky vibe by serving them in mini milk bottles with paper straws and Halloween themed labels. You can do this at parties or even as a Halloween morning prank. We’ve got blackcurrant and orange juice in these bottles.

Watch this space for Halloween tutorials this month!