Quick and easy Chalk Marker Halloween lanterns

Chalk Marker Halloween lanterns

Want an easy hack for Halloween? We’ve got these super simple Chalk Marker Halloween lanterns so you can create a spooky look in no time.

Use your black uni-Chalk Marker on plain glass jam jars and votives to create a simple but effective display for your shelves, tables and window sills. Of course you can use other uni-Chalk colours too but we like black for Halloween.

Whipping these up couldn’t be simpler. In fact you could have a Halloween themed crafter-noon with the kids making these lovely lanterns.

Why Chalk Marker?

uni-chalk marker

uni-Chalk Markers are ideal for temporary decorations. They look great and opaque. The markers work well on non-porous surfaces such as glass, wood, chalkboards and chalkboard painted walls and they clean off like a dream! Keep a stash in your kitchen drawer as they are a handy tool for decorating all year round.

You will need

For your quick and easy Chalk Marker Halloween lanterns all you need us a black uni-chalk marker, some clear glass and to be able to download our template and cut them out.

Here is our template below, to download simple right click, open in a new tab and print it out.

Get started

As we’ve said this project is so quick and easy, it hurts! So it is absolutely perfect for when you haven’t got much time but still want to do something special for Halloween. Plus you can use this technique on your home windows too. To do this simply enlarge your template on a photocopier or download some similarly spooky imagery for you to jazz up your Halloween decorations. The great thing is you haven’t ruined your home, once you’re done you can wipe the images off with a soapy sponge.

Once you have printed out our templates cut them out to fit into your plain votive. We suggest you cut slices around the image as seen below as they will sit in the curve of your glass more easily.

Halloween hack

REMEMBER! Don’t forget to clean your glass receptacles first! If you have any dust or grease on your glass surface the pen won’t work as well as it could. And your surface needs to be dry.

Now once your templates are snugly in your votives you can start working your uni-Chalk pens over your design.

uni-chalk halloween lanterns

It really is that simple! So once you’ve done one you can make a collection. And, of course if you make a mistake you can wipe off and start again.

Halloween votives

For more Halloween Chalk Marker ideas, check out our Halloween hack post.