Draw a folky owl with Sensitive Sepia PIN pack

draw a folky owl with Sensitive Sepia PIN pack

This quick and easy step by step shows you how to draw a folky owl with Sensitive Sepia PIN pack.  

This Sensitive Sepia three-pen pack showcases the PIN’s Sepia pen collection. They contain the essential nib sizes. In the pack is an 0.1 for fine lines, 0.5 for broader definition and an expressive brush tip. The sepia shade has a rich, earthy hue that works really well for tonal shading, intricate marks, landscapes and wildlife studies. Inspired by artist’s sketch books, these tones are ideal for so many projects. They look fab for this folky owl design.

You will need

Folky owl illustration with Sepia PIN pens

For this project you will need a sketch pad, pencil, eraser and Sensitive Sepia PIN pack. That’s it.  All you need to do is follow our drawing guide and have fun. 

Make your map 

This project allows you to really explore a range of mark-making techniques with your Sepia PIN pens. So really have fun when you draw a folky owl with Sensitive Sepia PIN pack.

The key to this drawing tutorial is to make your guide. It’s the making your map part of the illustration that is fundamental to the success of your owl drawing. 

So use your pencil to make your guide. To draw your owl shape follow the guide below. 

Sketch out your owl shape

First use your pencil to draw a curved ‘v’ shape. Then made a semi-circle underneath and a diamond shape hanging from the centre as shown. Then draw in circles and and curves to create the owl face.

Once you have the owl face it’s easy to create the body. Do this by drawing a simple heart shape underneath.

Sketch your owl body

Now you have your basic shape you can start introducing more sections into your owl shape. Its these sections that will help guide your drawing. It will also allow you have more fun with your illustration and create a more interesting design. 

Create sections within your owl body

Pretty PIN designs 

Now you can use your Sepia 0.5 pen to draw the outlines for your pencil design. Once complete you can erase your pencil outline 

draw an owl with PIN pens

When your Sepia outlines are clearly defined and obvious you can start having fun filling in your sections with pretty fine-line designs. 

Express yourself

draw a folky owl with Sensitive Sepia PIN pack

To draw a folky owl with Sensitive Sepia PIN pack you can experiment and have fun. Sepia PIN pen’s three nib sizes give you a range of creative mark-making options, this results in some beautiful intricate designs. 

zentangle ideas with sepia PIN pens

Play with your various PIN sizes to create a range of lines, dots, dashes and squiggles. This is where your sections will come into play, as you can explore different colour blocking and mark-making within each section. As seen in the images here. Be inspired by some zentangle ideas and try new marks with your sepia PIN pens.

draw a folky owl with Sensitive Sepia PIN pack

See the crown of the head and the eyes. For example, you can play with criss-crossing lines with the 0.1 nib for subtle colour fill. You add clear scalloped edges with the 0.5 pen. You can group 0.1 and 0.5 dots for subtle stippling. Plus you can add layers of colour coverage and expressive lines with your brush tip. 

draw a folky owl

Now look at the body, you can play with the direction and thickness of your lines, depending on the nib you use. Plus you can experiment with curves and dots. Be bold, be playful and chose what works for you. 

draw a folky owl with Sensitive Sepia PIN pack

Take a look 

To see how we draw a folky owl with Sensitive Sepia PIN pack and our various mark making techniques take a look at our video below. 

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