Pack illustrator PIN artist Heidi Sharp

Heidi Sharp PIN artist

Check out PIN artist Heidi Sharp. Heidi has created the pack illustrations for our Artist Selection, Elegant Tones and Sketching Essentials PIN collections.

The new PIN packs

Our new plastic free PIN packs celebrate artists. Each PIN pack has a purpose and theme. They have been designed by an artist to illustrate the pens range and possibilities. This is to help you choose the right pen selection for drawing, graphic design and calligraphy.

Heidi has done an amazing job illustrating the PIN’s creative capabilities. The result is a creative way of showcasing each PIN nib size and colour in the pack.

The packs are completely biodegradable and printed in a sustainable way.

As well as being plastic free we’ve used vegetable inks and less wastage than conventional printing processes. They are also made in the UK resulting in reduced air miles. Find out more about our plastic-free packaging here. 

Amazing mark-making

PIN artist Heidi Sharp

As you can see in the image above (and how it’s employed in the packaging below), Heidi is a brilliant illustrator. Her drawing and mark-making are incredible.

Her detailed, graphic illustration style shows off the tremendous line variation of each PIN pen.

Heidi Sharp PIN artist

About PIN artist Heidi Sharp

Heidi Sharp

Heidi is an Essex based multidisciplinary artist. She specialises in illustration, printmaking and painting. 

Interested in the contemporary social mirrors embedded within today’s society, Heidi uses social media as inspiration contrasting these themes in a physical environment.

But we’ll let Heidi speak for herself…. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has caused my work to shift. I’ve got into slightly softer territory of reflecting on ourselves and most importantly, being kind to ourselves. 

“I have always been interested in human connections. So this period encouraged me to reflect more inwardly. It allowed me to accept and make sense of my own feeling and emotion in the moment, rather than assessing the human connections of others in the digital world.

“I’ve focused primarily on illustration due to its accessibility. The restrictions created by the pandemic mean accessing different spaces and facilities was difficult. Yet I always had pens and paper on hand. “

pin work

Exactly! There is always a case for keeping pen and paper handy. 

See her in action

We also asked PIN artist Heidi Sharp to talk about working with PIN pens. She made the short video below to explain her artistic practice in more detail.