Sustainable Xmas with Becki Clark: Posca Dove Decorations

We’re going all out for a sustainable xmas this year. Becki Clark has created a set of sustainable xmas tutorials for us including these Posca Dove Decorations.

Christmas tutorial

Becki is an illustrator,  creative designer, workshop leader and author. Inspired by nature, Becki has written two seasonally inspired craft books, Modern Brush Lettering and Paint, Make, Create.

This multi-discipline artist has worked with brands such as Hobbycraft, Daylesford Farm, Soho Farmhouse, Seasalt Cornwall, and Homesense, hosting live illustration and seasonally inspired events. Becki’s design work also features in magazines, including Mollie Makes, Homes & Antiques and In The Moment. So you are in good hands here with this project.

Posca Dove Decorations,  you will need:

Posca Dove Decorations you will need

For this charming up-cycling project you will require the following

  • Thin cardboard 
  • Posca 5m paint markers
  • Pencil
  • Scissors 
  • Mini screwdriver/ hole punch
  • Ribbon or thread
Create and cut out your birds

Simple POSCA dove decorations from Becki Clark

First draw a very simple dove shape as seen above. Now draw it onto a piece of card or paper and cut out.. Draw around the bird template onto your cardboard and use your scissors to cut  more birds out.

Create simple flowers

draw flowers with POSCA

Take your first POSCA colour and draw a simple floral shape with a circle in the middle, colour round leaving the circle uncoloured

draw flowers with POSCA

Repeat so you have three florals working across the centre of the bird shape

Create up-cycled cardboard decs

Get decorating!

upcycled xmas decorations

Now start decorating your fail with another colour POSCA. Add a scallop line along the wing line of the bird and colour the tail section in. Add a curved line across the birds head and colour in with the same colour you’ve chosen for the tail.

upcycled xmas decorations

Use a contrasting POSCA colour over the white tail to colour in the scalloped edge of the bird.

sustainable Xmas decorations

Add a line of dots, followed by another scalloped line and dots repeating until you reach the wing line.

POSCA dove decorations

Now use the same colour as you’ve done for the tail to add oval shapes working out from the head of the bird to the body.  Add a line if white dots between the flower shapes.

Add foliage motifs

Make decorations with POSCA

Now paint two sprig foliage motifs along the outside of the wings by painting a curved line and adding teardrop shapes along the line to create your motif. Add leaf shapes working towards the tail from the florals. 

Make decorations with POSCA

Finally paint in your beak and eye to create your birds face. You can then use the three colours to add extra dot work across the cardboard to give that folk art style feel to your decoration. Punch through a hole and use twine or string to turn your cardboard into your own special scandi-style decorations.

sustainable Christmas ideas

Top tips!

sustainable Christmas ideas

-If you’ve used packaging that has images or text on you can always add a base colour of paint before you start your design. 

-Have a go at the motifs on paper before you work onto your shapes