Make an upcycled festive garland with PIN pens

festive garland with PIN pens

Get upcycling and make a festive garland with PIN pens.

Yes you can transform an humble empty loo roll into pretty decorations with a little illustration know-how and your mighty PIN fine line pens. Let illustrator extraordinaire Becki Clark show you how.

Grab your loo rolls!

All you need to whip up this fabulously festive garland with PIN pens the following…

  • Cardboard roll
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch or small screwdriver 
  • Foliage (olive leaves, herbs or eucalyptus will work well for this and also smell great)
  • uni-PIN pen (can use any nib size you like but we’ve go above a 0.2mm to have more impact on the cardboard surface)
  • Twine

Get started!

This project could not be simpler. It’s quick, easy and fun. So have a little place with your PIN pens and enjoy!

festive garland with PIN pens

So cut your cardboard tubes into small rings with the scissors.

Get drawing

Now let’s get drawing and whipping up your festive motifs.

Christmas motifs with PIN pens

Taking your uni-PIN pen (we’ve used the 0.7mm here) create patterns across your cardboard rolls. you can try simple spots and stripes or mini tree, foliage and star motifs. In the image you’ll see a breakdown of how to create the simple motifs step by step. 

To add some variation make some stripy ones too – you can vary the width of your stripes by using different sized PIN nibs. You can also make some dotty ones by drawing in some spots or by simply dotting the tip of you PIN pen on the surface of the card.

uni-PIN Christmas decorations

Put it all together

PIN pen decorations

Pierce a hole through the centre of your cardboard that goes through both sides. Now thread your twine through the cardboard.

PIN pen decorations

Once through one cardboard hoop, attach a piece of foliage so a piece of greenery sits between each hoop.  Repeat this along the length of your twine to create your sustainable foliage garland,

Now you have a rustic looking, charming little garland to adorn your mantle pieces with. You could also combine your PIN pen marks with contrasting white SIGNO motifs for a black and white theme.

Festive Christmas garland make with PIN pens