Find the ideal uni-ball pen to suit you

ideal uni-ball pen to suit you

One of the most amazing things about our writing pens is we have an ideal uni-ball pen to suit you. If you want a stylish addition to your stationery stash, you got it. Need a hard-working pen for all-weathers? No problem.

Whatever your need, we’ve got a pen that will fit your requirements perfectly.

What’s more all our handwriting pens come in plastic free packaging. so not only will you find the ideal uni-ball pen to suit you, you’ll also be reducing your plastic consumption. Find out more about our PFP in the film below…

For the environmentally conscious

We all want to reduce our plastic consumption. That’s why we’ve come up with a handy solution. Refillable pens!

Our refillable range comes with a wide choice of uni-ball brands so you are bound to fine the ideal uni-ball pen to suit you.

This is such an easy way to go green and is so convenient too. This Gel Impact refill set enables you to double the lifespan of your trusty writing pens. This pack includes two fully working Gel Impact ink pens and two additional strong, broad 1mm ball pen refills. This means this two pen pack gives you the use of four, reducing the need for more plastic consumption.

Uni-ball refill pens

The uni-ball Gel Impact ink pen has a broad writing line that’s perfect for the expressive scribe with a large, bold handwriting style.

The ultra-smooth gel ink and sturdy rubber grip ensures this handwriting pen a joy to to write with, combining comfort, quality and reliability. These black ink pens contain uni Super Ink, which is fade resistant, water resistant and tamper proof. 

Go for gold!

Fancy a little luxe number? We know how popular metallic finishes have been in stationery and desk accessories of late so embrace the bling with our rose gold uni-Eye broad pens.

ideal uni-ball pen to suit you

They not only look fabulous on your desk and as part of your stylish stationery collection, they are also super professional and practical.

While some of us like a neat, compact handwriting style and some of us like to be bold and write broad!

The Eye Broad has a broad 1.0mm rollerball for solid, full-bodied writing. Just the ink pen for when you need clear, easy-to-read script.

On Point plastic free pen packs

The pens write beautifully, with a uni-flow’ system to ensure a consistent and continuous ink flow right to the last drop. So, while you let those words cascade onto the page, you don’t have to worry about the pen jamming or ink running out. For extra belt and braces, the barrel’s handy ink window lets you know in good time when it’s time to replace your pen. 

Loving the colour

If you love working with coloured pens for the sheer joy of it or you actually need a variety of shades for colour-coding or planning projects then we have the ideal uni-ball pen for you. The Eye Designer!

uni-ball Eye Designer pens

uni-ball Eye Designer pens feature a fashionable coloured barrel design. So they pop with colour on your desk and you’ll be able to spot your chosen shade quickly as you work.

Perfect for study and journaling, the pens are available in black, light and dark blue, red, pink, green and violet.

The handwriting pens’ robust, 0.7mm nibs write with a clear, precise line.

Go left

We even have the ideal uni-ball pen to suit you left-handers out there!

uni JetStream three colour pen

uni Jetstream pens are more than regular rollerball pens. As you’d expect the writing pens give you smooth, fast flowing writing, but the pens also have the fast-drying properties of a simple ballpoint ensuring less smudging, making them an ideal left-handed pen. 

You can get a tri-colour pen (see above) or red, black and blue models. Whatever your choice the pens are extremely comfortable to use for both left and right-handed writers, and they are retractable too. 

ideal uni-ball pen to suit you

The smudge-free, quick drying formula means it’s great for left-handed writers. The pen design reduces friction on the page by 40%, giving you smooth, even writing.

The handwriting pens also come with the added benefit of uni-ball’s Super Ink, which is fade resistant, water resistant and tamper proof so the ink pens are great for important documents and journaling. 

Its 1.0mm rollerball pens offer a smooth writing experience and the pen is available in black, blue and red. 

Perfect for outdoor adventures

Are you someone who likes being outdoors? Whether you are on the golf course, out bird-watching or up a mountain, sometimes you need to make a note of things. And you need that pen to work whatever the conditions.

The Power Tank is perfect pen for extreme or challenging conditions (or even a windy, rainy golf course). It works anywhere and features a pressurised barrel that will deliver the ink when writing at any angle.

Uni-ball pens to suit you

It works on wet paper, in freezing conditions (up to minus 20 degrees) and even in zero gravity. So even if you are an astronaut, the Power Tank is the ideal uni-ball pen to suit you!

With a rubberised grip and retractable nib, the Power Tank is the ultimate practical hand-writing solution; no worrying about losing your lid getting tired fingers! 

It’s 1.0mm nib writes a robust, strong 0.4mm line and this pen is available in black and blue.

One for the travellers

We know that not many of us have been hopping on a plane recently. But now we can travel a little more freely, those writers with a bit of wanderlust can take a trusty pen for their journey.

May we introduce you to the Vision Elite?

uni-ball pen to suit you

uni-ball Vision Elite handwriting pens feature ‘Airplane Safe’ technology which prevents leaks due to pressure changes in aircraft. This makes the innovative ink pen perfect for the frequent traveller. 

uni-ball refillable pens

When you are back down to earth… Vision Elite handwriting pens also contain uni Super Ink, which is fade resistant, water resistant and tamper proof so they are ideal for use on important documents and lengthy written projects. 

These efficient 0.8mm rollerball pens feature a pocket clip and comfort grip area. They also come with refill packs too.