Explore creativity with uni-ball pens

Encouraging students and young people to explore creativity with uni-ball pens and you could be benefitting their development more than you know. 

The Eye Fine

There are so many brilliant benefits of a drawing and creative writing. So we heartedly recommend you grab some uni-ball pens and get creative. And let’s face it you have a wide choice of uni-ball pens at your disposal. 

Explore creativity with uni-ball pens

Literally, humans are wired to leave their mark on the world. So we want to encourage this. It’s important to note we’re not talking about accomplishment here – we want to take the pressure off on that score. Sure it’s great when people produce a masterly piece of work – and the professional finish our pens produce can obviously help achieve that. But we’re talking about the process of creativity itself – meaning you don’t have to focus on the end outcome rather simply enjoying the practice will be beneficial. 

Boost your communication 

Getting your creative vibe on is a fantastic way to improve your communication skills. It’s really could for building confidence in this area for people who find it difficult to express themselves in front of people. 

Set affirmations with uni-ball pens

Drawing, writing or journaling is a great way of getting ideas and emotions out there. For example drawing out an idea and visualising it will help distill and understand a concept more fully. Writing down feelings may help with communicating your thoughts once it’s explored on the page. Creative journaling will allow you to condense those thoughts, allowing you to visualise and discover the most effective language to use to convey those thoughts. 

So, what pens can you use for such activities? Where can you start to explore creativity with uni-ball pens?

Explore creativity with uni-ball pens

Clearly our PIN pens are excellent drawing pens and are also excellent for hand lettering. uni-PIN fine-line pens are renowned for delivering a wealth of mark-making solutions and their quality and longevity. That’s why artists, graphic designers and stationery fans just love these pens. 

The power of PIN

uni-PIN pens draw and write like a dream. Plus the range of black PIN nib shapes and sizes, as well as beautiful additional shades of sepia, light and dark grey, give the creative soul a plethora of options. 

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The black PIN range has expanded from 14 to 18 calibrated tip sizes. In addition to its standard shape sizes, from delicate 0.03 to robust 1.2 nib, plus an expressive brush tip, the range now has three new chisel tips for calligraphy. It also includes an Extra Fine brush tip made with real bristles. The sepia and grey tones are available in 0.5m, 0.1m and brush tips.  So with PIN fine line pens you can get creative with lots of activities.  You can explore fine art drawing, mindful mark-making practices such as zentangle and of course perfect your slogan game with some creative hand-lettering.

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Doodle for your noodle 

Apparently doodling is a great way to connect to the deepest part of the brain. In fact, some research suggests that doodling can help your retain 30% more information than if you just took notes. Why? Well it simultaneously activates your visual, auditory and kinaesthetic modalities of learning.  

According to Milan Art Institute art coach John Milan, spending time in this doodling helps clear the mind, refresh the mind and offer solutions to the world’s problems. It helps the artist or sketcher use parts of their mind and to share insight with others.

Doodle with uni-Eye

So next time you’re hitting a wall in terms of thinking or recall, we reckon you should get doodling. How about getting your doodle on and  explore creativity with uni-ball pens? Get started with some uni-ball Eye Fine pens. We know it’s a great writing pen, but the pen is also excellent for visual projects too. It produces a precise 0.7mm line and the uni-flow’ system ensures a steady and continuous ink flow so your colour coverage is fantastic too. Talking of colour, the Eye Fine range boast a fabulous selection of vibrant shades, meaning your doodles will be eye-catching and colourful.

Explore creativity with uni-ball pens

We think this collection is ideal for home work, studies, signing important documents or hand-writing those much treasured thank you cards. However we also think the Eye Fine is the actually the perfect range for bullet journals and some creative adult colouring in and doodling (we love making mandalas with this range).