Why we love coloured pens!

We want to tell you why we love coloured pens. We love them for creativity, we love them for colouring in and we love them for study. There are so many benefits to having a stash of good quality pens in a choice of colours at your finger tips. 

Colouring in for kids 

Much has been said about adult colouring in of late. And it’s true that adult colouring in can reduce stress and help with relaxation. However let’s not forget about the benefits of colouring in for children.

Why we love coloured pens

Colouring in is brilliant for children. Through this practice a child can express themselves through choice of colour.  Plus the stimulating activity helps with hand/eye coordination and supports concentration and patience. It’s also a very basic way to give youngsters a sense of goal reaching and achievement, building a child’s self esteem.

So while we love our POSCAs and Signo gel metallics we’re also fond of our great value Gelstick. 

Why we love coloured pens

The uni-ball Signo Gelstick is a great all-round coloured pen. They are great for writing, diagrams, outlines and colouring in. It’s an excellent value practical buy too. It’s pitched at a really good price point but it’s also incredibly long-lasting. 

The pen is ideal for daily use and features uni’s high-grade pigment gel ink, resistant to water and light. This hard-working instrument has a robust stainless-steel tip with tungsten-carbide ball; plus high-tech twin-ball ink control to prevent leaks. And it comes in eight vibrant colours. 

Get creative! 

Sometimes you just want to treat yourself to a good creative session with pen on paper and card. For this we plump for our Signo Broads. Signo Broad pens are an illustrator’s dream, a crafter’s go-to and a journal fan’s favourite. They look fantastic on a range of dark and light backgrounds making them ideal for a range of creative projects.

Why we love coloured pens

Great for everyday use, these Signo Broads are fade and water resistant so you can perfect your lettering, add life to your colouring in, give your card-making projects some pizazz and provide some glamour to your journaling, card making and drawing projects.

Signo Broad pens

The viscous formula behind the gel ink and rotating ball pen tip enables smooth writing and drawing without feathering and bleeding. The pigment contained in the ink is water-resistant and light-resistant, so you can enjoy your work for a long time.

Colourful study sessions

Using a variety of coloured pens is a great way to help your studies. That’s one of the reasons why we love coloured pens. Colour can aid information retention as it’s known to trigger the brain’s retrieval process. 

Emott coloured pens

When you’re revising it’s great to use different coloured pens to put down your various pieces of vital information. Apparently colour can help you retain around 50-80 per cent more information as 90 per cent of information transmitted to the brain is visual.  

EMOTT fineline pens

EMOTT fineliners are really good coloured pens for study. They look great and perform brilliantly.  The EMOTT’s durable tip doesn’t bend or split so you don’t have to worry about your pen pressure. 

EMOTT fineline pens

These hardworking pens draw and write with clear line and deliver good colour coverage and vibrance on the page. So they are great on for diagrams and notes. Plus they contain water-resistant, non-bleed and fade-proof ink so your work will look crisp and colourful over time.