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This year we launched our POSCA PEOPLE campaign. Here we promote now and upcoming artists, designers and personalities on our social media channels.

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posca people

POSCA people aims to connect with a community of like-minded creatives who understand the struggles and triumphs of the artistic journey. 

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We’re showcasing a plethora of artists every month. And we thought we’d highlight three of this month’s POSCA people here… 


posca people krm.dvy

Kareem Davy, whose artist sobriquet is KRM DVY @krm.dvy, hails from the island of Trinidad in the twin island Republic of Trinidad & Tobago. 

krm.dvy peeps

He’s a self taught illustrator well known for his collection of evolved childhood characters called ‘PEEPS’. The name is derived from Peepers; a name given by Kareem’s mother.

“The PEEPS characters were childhood doodles that I haven’t done in many many years. At the beginning of the pandemic, I started drawing to pass the time. After posting some of the doodles to my Instagram, my friends reached out to me about how cool they thought they were. From there the love for art and the characters grew, causing them to evolve into what they are today.

krm.dvy peeps with posca
POSCA is the perfect choice for me because has the vibrancy of paint, allows me to draw. I love that I can use them to draw on basically anything & I’m constantly exploring.”

Hell Gomez

hell Gomez posca people
Hell Gomez @_hellgomez_ is an abstract artist from Cartago, Colombia.

“When I start a work, I focus on the process, not thinking what the end result will be. I like that my works are visually chaotic, that they don’t make sense, they have disorder but find an equilibrium at the same time. The feeling in each stroke is inspired by psychedelia, geometry, science fiction, space, architecture and always accompanied by music.

Hell Gomez

My favourite tools are POSCA paint markers of different sizes. My creations are inexplicable, they are a visual journey for the eye and stimulate thoughts and questions in the mind, the result is always an enigma, even for me.”

Hell Gomez

Hell is featured at an exhibition ‘Works on Paper’ from the 15th-26th February at the Brick Lane Gallery, go down and check her work out!

Greg Paton

Greg Paton

Artist Greg Paton @garchivep is an artist based in Jersey, UK. He uses POSCA to make abstract work on cardboard.

“I have a distinct style and process which utilises recycled cardboard and POSCA paint markers. In my art practice I love the medium of cardboard. It is great as you never really run out of blank canvases. You can turn something so overlooked into something really interesting!

Greg Paton artist

I’m inspired by the spontaneous styles of Panik, Thierry Noir and Lucas Beaufort, as well as legends like Keith Haring and Basquiat.

I typically freestyle when mapping out my artwork, focussing on fitting hidden figures between the lines, making each piece original and unique.”

Greg Paton artist

He continues, “POSCA paint markers pair perfectly with cardboard. They are fast drying and long lasting allowing me to be spontaneous and work quickly. The paint is durable and will never let you down. My pen of choice for creating is the 5M, but I’ve always got a few different sizes kicking about in my bag wherever I go.”

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