Back to School Checklist – What Pencil Case Essentials Do You Need?


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Is your child getting ready to go back to school? Or are they starting school for the first time? Read on for our helpful list of cool pencil cases essentials!

What Are The Back To School Stationery Essentials?

Firstly, when it comes to back to school stuff we are firm believers that you’ve got to choose the ‘right’ pencil case. Your child can express their personality by picking out a pencil case (if they love it they are less likely to lose it).

Take a look at this article from the Independent that rounds up some of the most popular pencil cases around. We are big fans of the retro wooden pencil box and the Roald Dahl pencil case.

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So what are the pencil case essentials you need to make sure your child has before going back to school?

Teacher, Ruth Cartwright, told us: “The five basics I would expect from children in my class is a pen, pencil, ruler, rubber and sharpener. They are then prepared for any lesson.”

If you want to encourage your children to use a pen but they are worried about making a mistake, take a look at the uni-ball Signo TSI Erasable. They might feel a bit more confident if they know their spelling errors or smudges can be rubbed away.

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Starting school essentials

For children starting school, you might want to see what their teacher suggests before you start stocking up on stationery essentials. This is because many children starting school can’t write so may need special equipment to help them.

Find out more about children learning to write here .

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