Cute Mother’s Day Crafts for YOU to make

Don’t be fooled – Mother’s Day crafts aren’t just for little kids, adults can join in on the action too – this is your chance to make something really lovely for your mum or nan.

When is Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day 2018 falls on Sunday 11th March so you’ve not got long to get your craft supplies together and get to work.

All mums know that receiving something handmade on Mother’s Day is particularly special.

Mum Ayshea Hanif says: “I absolutely love handmade cards. I am quite sentimental so when my children make me things like that I tend to keep them.

With that in mind, just think how much your own mum, nan, nanny or grandma will enjoy receiving something you have made (even if you are all grown up now) . . .

Mother’s Day Ideas

We’ve come up with five mother’s day ideas for you to try and if you’ve got kids, we’ve added two bonus suggestions for something they can make too!



1) Striped Mother’s Day Card

If you are looking for an easy idea for a homemade Mother’s Day card we really like this one. The good news is all you need to make it is left over wrapping paper or scrapbook paper and a small piece of ribbon.

Here’s how to make it .  

If you go for a pastel coloured theme you might want to write in your finished card using uni-ball’s Signo Pastel Gel Pens. You could even add a Mother’s Day quote.


2) Retro Photograph Mother’s Day Card

If you want to add a slightly comical element to your Mother’s Day card, pick out your favourite, funniest retro photo of your mum and use it to make a card just like this . . .



3) Mother’s Day Memory Pin Board

Are you looking for a really sentimental Mother’s Day craft project? Well, what could be better than a beautiful Mother’s Day memory pin board?

Gather together some samples of pretty wallpaper you can use as a background and start pinning drawings or photos from when you were little. Or include pictures or handprints that your little ones have made.

Don’t be afraid with to experiment with how you display everything, it might take a few tries to get everything exactly as you want it.


4) Teacup Candle Craft

There are lots of lovely ways you can decorate small ceramic teacups and turn them into a sweet Mother’s Day gift.

Using POSCA markers draw delicate flowers or patterns on a teacup and then fill it with a pastel coloured tea light.


5) Make Your Own Mother’s Day Gift Bags

All mums love a good gift bag, so why not impress yours by making one? All you need is some wrapping paper, scissors, sticky tape, ribbon and a hole punch.


And to read this step by step guide.

Here’s Your Child friendly Mother’s Day Ideas!

  • Mum, Mary Sammons suggests your little ones make ‘salt dough hand print photo frames’. Here’s how they do it.
  • Another suggestion comes from mum Rachael Boaler, who suggests getting your children to decorate vases with tissue paper and then filling the vase with daffodils.



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