DIY Clothes – What Can I Do With My Old Clothes?

DIY clothes - pile of old clothes

Is your wardrobe in need of a revamp? Are you wondering what you can do with your old clothes? Well we’ve got some nifty ideas for you!

We’ve spoken to an upcycling expert and an inventive craft blogger, who have given us some fantastic ways to upcycle clothes.

DIY Clothes: How Can I Turn My Old Clothes Into New Clothes?

The good news is upcycling clothing projects can save you lots of money. If you’ve got old clothes or shoes that you love don’t throw them away! Try some of these clothes makeover ideas instead.

DIY clothes - clothing design made of buttons

Craft blogger Ruth Cartwright suggested these four ways to upcycle clothes:

  • Make shrink plastic buttons (here’s a handy how-to guide ) and add them to your old clothes.
  • Re-decorate existing buttons – you could try doing this using uni-ball’s POSCA markers.
  • Add stitched detail to old clothes – embroidery is very popular at the moment.
  • Stencil your favourite designs on to plain t-shirts. Here are a few ideas of how to do it.

Decorating DIY Clothes: What To Use!

Upcycling expert Karen Cannard who created the recycling scheme, The Rubbish Diet , showed us how she refreshed some of her shoes using POSCA markers.

Karen said: “I grabbed my old fabric shoes and cheered them up a bit. Here’s a comparison photo for you.”

DIY clothes - Shoes which have been decorated with POSCA

She added: “I found the POSCAs really easy to use. I think for anyone who is artistic, they’d have lots of fun jazzing up t-shirts. I’m not that creative though, hence sticking to something that already had design lines in place.

“These shoes were really in need of a makeover and the pens were perfect for the job. They worked on the different materials too, including the fabric, suede and plastic.”

How Do I Use POSCA Pens on Fabric?

If you are in an artistic mood grab a uni POSCA marker and draw some freehand designs on to plain t-shirts. Just like this . . .

DIY clothes - decorating a t-shirt with POSCA

As you can see you can keep your DIY clothes designs simple, try drawing an anchor, crossed arrows or even your initials.

Our TOP TIP for decorating clothes using POSCA pens is to ensure that you do a few layers over your design as the fabric always absorbs some of the paint.

We look forward to seeing your DIY clothing projects, share them with us on Instagram by tagging uniball_UK.


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